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Hey partner, can you extend my reach?



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Ryan Smith     Karine Kugler       Ed Smith   David Stockelberg  Michael Lu


How do I/my clients use Google search partners targeting?


Ryan: “Targeting Search Partners allows ads to appear on search results pages for a plethora of other sites, other than Partner sites that use Google search to fetch results have the ability to display search ads, also served by Google. This is a one-click decision that can greatly extend your search impression share.”


Michael: ”Search partner targeting should be the same as Google search campaigns.”


David: “If we see that cost per conversion or return on ad spend for search partners are within the range that we can accept, we will opt-in for search partners, if not we will opt out.”


Ed: “Deselecting is a self-limiting action (and that’s OK) that might be chosen to protect a small budget from over-spending. Selecting this option will allow advertisers the same flexibility and control as the base Google Adwords campaign-- scalable to hundreds of other websites.”


Why do I think targeting Google search partners like can be useful?


Ryan: “Targeting other search partners is important for expanding your reach to relevant searches across a variety of other domains. ComScore ranked Google’s search impression share at nearly 68% in early 2014.  But that’s just! Users use more than just Google; it’s important for advertisers to do the same.”


David: “Well, we cannot target “some” search partners, unfortunately, but when we see that costs are acceptable for search partners in general, we think it is useful. Otherwise, we don’t see the use, and will opt-out.”

Ed: “This option is very useful in scalability of an advertising campaign. How deep do you want to advertise? Broadening your approach and expands directed targeting options. Keeping this option on allows the advertiser to expand their brand across many networks, as well.”


Michael: “Including search sites like AOL, allows client to reach out to a wider range of audience outside of Google’s user base. AOL for example, has been around for a long time, and has a different demographic audience than Google. To pull in a wider range of data can also help to gauge the success of the campaigns, and you can also trim down from the initial point.”


Karine: “Google Partners Search is an easy way to extend the reach internationally.”


How did targeting Google search partners help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


Karine: “Cost-Per-Click on Google Search partners is usually lower than on Google search offering great visibility at lower cost.”


Ed: “Including search partners allow our clients to expand their reach-- without a great deal of cost or additional outlay of labor to many other channels.”