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Google Shopping Office Hours

Hi Community,


A recent AdWords Office Hours Session features Nicole, a Partner Education Manager for Shopping. She discusses the new Shopping Campaigns, a new type of campaigns for Product Listing Ads. Watch the recording below to learn how Shopping campaigns help you manage and promote your products on Google, streamlining how you organize, bid and report on your PLAs.




We’ve also included the Q&A segment of the Hangout below!


How do I know when I should start subdividing?

Think about subdividing as an opportunity to bid more specifically on groups of products in your inventory. So, start by identifying which products in your inventory are the most important. For instance, if you sell shoes, your sneakers will likely drive more revenue than your $10 flip flops. Therefore, you can start subdividing by product type to set a higher bid with your sneakers and a lower bid with your lower margin flip flops.


How do I know when I should stop subdividing?

As you subdivide, consider the resources you’ll need to manage several, very specific product groups and make sure that each additional subdivision adds value to your product promotion strategy. You have the option to subdivide up to 5 times. You may find that you only need 2 or 3 levels to break your most important items.


Do you think Shopping campaigns are for big or small retailers?

Shopping campaigns are designed for all retailers, big and small. Whether you have 100 products or 100,000, you can use Shopping campaigns to efficiently and effectively promote you products to interested shoppers.


Shopping campaigns are fairly new. What feedback have you heard so far?

We’ve heard great feedback so far, particularly in 2 main areas: time-savings and new optimization data.


1) In terms of time-savings, Shopping campaigns allow retailers to browse their product feed information directly in the AdWords interface. This means an easier way to select products you want to bid on. You don’t have to manually map product targets in AdWords to product information in your feed, making sure you spelled and capitalized your product target values accurately.


2) In terms of new optimization data, Shopping campaigns offer performance data for all products, making it easy to slice and dice by product type, brand, Google product category, condition, custom labels and even ID to determine which products are performing well. In addition, with new competitive metrics like benchmark max. CPC and CTR and impression share, retailers are able to see where they have room to grow and become more competitive.


How do we measure benchmark data?

Benchmark data pulled from aggregated and anonymized performance data across retailers participating in Product Listing Ads and is only shown where there’s sufficient information to provide accurate benchmarks.


I do have the column "google product category" within my shopping feed but I cannot chose it as product groups. why could this be?

Regular PLA campaigns do not provide the option to create product targets using the Google product category attribute. If you’d like to group your products based on Google product category, create a new Shopping campaign and choose “category” as your first subdivision option.


Can we see what the raw search terms are in this campaign type?

Yes, the Search Terms Report is available in Shopping campaigns.


How can I use Google Shopping for B2B?

In general, as long as you sell your products online, you’re welcome to use Shopping campaigns for your Product Listing Ads. Learn more about restrictions in this Help Center article.


When I am uploaded my new Shopping campaign will I loose the history of my old PLA campaign?

When you create a new Shopping campaign, you will not lose the performance history associated with your regular PLA campaign. That said, if you want to be able to reference past performance, make sure you pause your existing PLA campaign when you upgrade (i.e don’t delete!).