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Google Adwords Keyword Tool vs Adwords Keyword Planner

AdWords Keyword Search Tool, the World famous Keyword Research Tool was used by all online marketer, has been retired now. The old Keyword Research Tool has been replaced by new AdWords Keyword Planner that is the combined functionality of Keyword search tool and AdWords Traffic Estimator tool.


There was a huge Positive and Negative echo, have been heard worldwide regarding the Keyword Planner and old Keyword Search Tool.



Positive features:-


a.) Geographic Data at City and the Multiple City or Country Level: - the Keyword Tool did not give the keyword search volume data at city and multiple country/city level, where as new tool has the column where we can select multiple countries simultaneously that is time saving tactic if we are targeting same campaigns to multiple city or country.


b.) Upload/Import the Keywords:-Now, you can find up to 10,000 keywords estimated search data by uploading in Keyword Planner Tool, where as in previous version of the keyword tool did not have such feature.


c.) Multiplying Keyword Lists:- Its has an amazing features to create a list of permutation keywords by multiplying the keywords and also give the Estimated Search Volume traffic of those keywords.


d.) Network Option:-The Keyword Planner offered the data for only Google Search Network, But Now this option has been retired. Now you can find the Keywords Stats for both networks “Google Itself” and “Google and Search Partner”.


e.) Match Type Result:-The Keyword Tool gave the historical search volume statistics for Broad match type where as the Keyword Planner gives  keyword’ s Search Volume Statistics for Exact Search.


          Note: - keyword planner has option to select Broad Match, Exact Match and Phrase Match (please see the below snapshot). This option is available for choosing desired match type you would like to use when adding the keywords to your account.





f.) Device Targeting Search Volume:-The new tools give the historical search traffic across all devices where as older version of the tool offered search volume for individual device. As it has been made for Enhanced Campaigns friendly, thus in enhanced campaigns Google consider every device as single devices.


g.) Monthly searches for the last 12 months Graph: - The Keyword tool had Local Search Trends Column. That has been removed from the keyword planner. However, one can find the idea of search volume trends by hovering over the icon in the "Avg. monthly searches" column.




Negative features:-


a.) Closely Related Check Box is not available in the Keyword Planner, However by hearing user’s feedback, Google has updated - it will be added soon.


However one can take the advantage of the Include/Exclude features to find the related keywords. See the image below.





 b.)    Need To Log-in AdWords Account:-The Keyword tool was External Keyword Tool where as Keyword Planner has integrated under the AdWords Tools and Analysis Tab. In order to use the Keyword Planner you need create a log-in the Google AdWords. However the sign-in the AdWords is free, so one easily creates the AdWords Account in just a few minutes.




c.) Not Relevant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-the Keyword Tools gave keywords idea that can be used by Search Engine Optimization, Meta Tagging, Blogger and Search Engine Marketing, where as the new tool gives only PPC keywords, thus SEO professionals need to find alternative source to find the keywords. This is also one reason that we got higher search volume of the same keywords in the old keyword tool in comparison with new Keyword Planner.




The Keyword Tool is replaced by Keyword Planner that supports for finding --local keyword volume, helping and giving the search volume of the Ad groups as well as Multiplying and giving the historical stats of the keywords. These are the some good features it has, but it requires some modification so that it can become complete user friendly. Also SEM Experts need some time to get familiar with new keyword Planner Tool.


[edit] 11 Oct 2013 - replaced image links to insert images [end edit]

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Sachin Yadav
September 2013

well i like the way you define the google keyword planner .

Personally my favarite is google keyword tool which show the complete searched on keyword type like

braod,exact,phrase but in keyword planner only price is change when we change the keyword type.



Transfer P
October 2013

How can I select low price keywords for the transportation industry for the Search & Display Network campaign ?