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Google AdWords as Biddable Media - What does it mean? What does it do? | #AdWordsAnswers


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I’m Paritosh from the Google AdWords team.


Of late, there have been a couple of questions and queries regarding Biddable Media.
What is it? What does it do? What does AdWords have to do with it?


We had a good look at your questions and in this post, we will take a closer look.


So let’s start by addressing the biggest question first, “What exactly is Biddable Media?”


Let’s break this term down. Biddable (in the context of this discussion) refers to anything which can be bid on or anything which is auctionable. Media, on the other hand, literally means the medium for communication and information.


Therefore, Biddable Media becomes a medium for communication and information which is auctionable/can be bid on.


Now let’s apply the definition of Biddable Media towards understanding what, exactly, it does.


Going by the definition, Biddable Media will allow people to share important information, communicate, promote themselves, promote their businesses, etc. based on certain auctions and the results of those auctions.


Now let’s add Google AdWords to the mix. To put it simply, Google AdWords is an advertising platform which allows people to promote their businesses online. The rank of ads on the search page is determined by how much advertisers bid for the keywords which trigger these ads, and based on the results of the auctions their keywords enter.


Putting these three things together, Google AdWords is a Biddable Media.


Basically, when we advertise via media like Newspapers, Radio, or on Television, there is no bidding involved. There is a fixed amount which one has to pay when they want to promote themselves using the said platforms and the duration, position, etc. of the advertisement can be predecided.


On Google AdWords, on the other hand, the number of times your ads are shown (i.e. the impressions which you receive) is solely based on your bids and the results of the auctions which the ads enter, hence making AdWords a Media (I.e. a form of communication) which is Biddable (I.e. something where bidding will be involved, to show ads).


I hope this article clarifies what exactly Biddable Media means. Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below if there are any further questions.