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Google AdWords Remarketing


Remarketing allows AdWords advertisers the opportunity to continue to market their messages through the AdWords Display Network to people who have visited their websites.  Advertisers are able to create audience lists by tagging their website pages with remarketing code.  This code places a cookie on the browser of the visitor adding them to the ‘audience list’.  The cookie expiration can be set for any period of time up to 547 days (yes 1.5 years!).  It takes 100 audience members for a list to go active and be eligible for ad serving.


Another cool thing is that in building your audience lists any visitor to your website will be added, direct, organic, adwords, etc.  Visits from any source will be tagged with a cookie, and added to your remareketing audience list. Now when your audience list members browse the internet across Google Display Network properties they are recognized and shown your ads.


Advertisers have multiple targeting options with Remarketing from targeting people everywhere they go to more subtle targeting through placements, topics, and keywords.  Remarketing can be done with text, image or display ads. 

When to use Remarketing

Anytime you think that your current customer may be interested in other related products, anytime you think a customer may need to either renew or upgrade or refill, anytime they need more time to think it over, if they are researching prices, if they left the checkout process, etc.  If you think creatively there are plenty of reasons and cases to use remarketing but it takes some strategy to decide how to segment lists, how long to set the cookie duration, what kinds of ads to display and what those ad messages should be.


Some Examples:


  • Create a list for people who drop out of the checkout process.  These list members probably had a pain point about price or shipping, or maybe you need to re-evaluate your checkout process.


  • Create a list for people who purchased.  Jane Doe purchased one of your yoga mats in November and she may be an excellent person to remkarket to for those new yoga pants you now carry.


  • Create a list for people that visited certain pages or category pages.  If Jane Doe visited the Glassware section of your website she gets added to the glassware list and you can remarket 10% off all glassware now.


  • Building brand awareness.  Seeing your ads, especially image or display build awareness of your brand and internet presence.



Do I need a Remarketing Strategy?

Yes, successful remarketing takes planning and strategy to decide how to segment your lists, what messages and offers you want to put out there, where you want to target your audience.  The health of your lists needs to be considered, can they support a good remarketing cause? Think into the future, maybe it is a good idea to build out a remaketing list now that you may not even use for 8 months, i.e. refills, upgrades, etc.


Remarketing Audience


 Another tip: look into custom combination lists.  Did you know that you can build a list of people who converted?  It can be used for future remarketing efforts or to create a clean list  i.e. I want to target all people on my Yoga Mat list, minus those who have already purchased a yoga mat, in some cases there is no sense remarketing to people who have completed the purchase process.




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