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Google AdWords Auction Insights

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At one point or another, most advertisers become curious about whom they are competing against in AdWords auctions.  In conjunction with other tools, I have found the AdWords Auction Insights tool to be quite useful in reviewing the actual advertisers that I am competing against for certain keywords in my campaigns. Knowledge is power in online advertising and with AdWords Auction Insights; Google has provided yet another valuable piece of competitive information for advertisers.   

Why use Auction Insights?

AdWords advertising is all about the auction and competition. I’ve never met an advertiser that didn’t want to improve their campaign performance.  Auction Insights is yet another way to review your ad performance and look for ways to improve upon your existing strategies.


What are Auction Insights?

Google AdWords Auction Insights is a tool for reviewing competitor information at the keyword level. Beyond the actual domains for your competitors, you can also see how your ads are performing against the competition.  

How to use Auction Insights?

Google has made accessing the Auction Insights information quite easy, if enough data is available for your keywords. 


Auction Insights are currently available at the keyword level and can be accessed from the Keywords tab via a built in filter.


Google has provided a great step-by-step guide on how to filter your keywords by Auction Insights availability. 


You can find that here:

Once you reach the actual 'Auction Insights' report, you will find 5 categories of information:


  • Impression Share is the percentage of impressions you received versus the impressions your ads were eligible to receive.
  • Average Position can be used to gauge where your ads ranked against your competitors.
  • Overlap Rate will tell you when competitors received impressions at the same time that your ads did.
  • Position Above Rate displays how often a competitors ad was shown in a position that was higher than yours.
  • Top of Page Rate is how often your ads were shown at the top of the Google search results page.

By analyzing your competition on a regular basis, you enable yourself to remain competitive and ensure you are not left behind as your competitors work to improve their campaigns. The Auction Insights tool should rightfully become a part of your competitive analysis arsenal.


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about Tommy Sands

My journey with Internet Marketing began in 1998 and I first started working with AdWords a decade later in 2008. I am currently certified by Google in Search & Display Advertising as well as Bing Ads Accredited. I've also obtained Google Analytics Individual Qualification and was designated an AdWords Community Top Contributor. As part of the team at Philly Marketing Labs, I am responsible for Paid Search account strategy and management for a variety of clients across multiple platforms.

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