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Google Ad Services: What are they? What do they do? | #AdWordsAnswers


Hi Community!


I’m Paritosh from the AdWords team and I’m here to talk about a few queries that we’ve had about Google Ad Services. Is "ad services" a new campaign type? A targeting method? In this article, we will discuss exactly what it means.


Google Ad Services is the umbrella term for all the concepts, networks, and features which comprise a Google AdWords account.


To put it simply, anything which you can achieve with your Google AdWords account is part of Google Ad Services.


What falls within the scope of Google Ad Services?


Here are some of the concepts and services that are part of Ad Services:


  • Search Network - Advertising your ads on Google Search
  • Display Network - Advertising your ads on a host of other websites including mobile applications, blogs, YouTube, and more
  • Google Shopping - Advertising your inventory online and displaying it in the form of product-specific ads.
  • Video Campaigns - Engaging with customers via video advertisements on YouTube and other partner sites
  • Remarketing - Showing your ads to customers who have already shown interest by visiting your website
  • Mobile App Install & Mobile App Engagement Campaigns - Promoting your mobile app to increase downloads or app engagement
  • Other campaign types like Call-Only Campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns, Dynamic Search Ads, etc.
  • Other common features like keywords, ads, bids, bidding strategies, targeting methods, etc.  

If you have any follow up questions, feel free to post them in our comment section below!

Warning: AdWords interface instructions or screenshots in this thread may be out of date as we move to the new AdWords experience.


Anne L

When I try to open a link on a website it is blocked by "googleadservices." This is annoying and not helpful. How can I prevemt this from happeniing?

Anne L

When I try to open a link on a website it is blocked by "googleadservices." This is annoying and not helpful. How can I prevemt this from happeniing?

Mian A
The Same problem facing as mentioned by @Anne L. What is it and why we are seeing this error?

How do I get started? Im interest in trying it for a month or so...

Bill C

Can you advise me if it is better to subscribe to an adblocker program or just remove google search and any other google applications from my computer. I note that only this google page opens at a good speed as it shows no third party adverts.

On my other programs I open the adverts are so graphic heavy that they slow my computer down so much it is like a freeze. It may also be of interest for your advertisers that I would not be interested in clicking or using their services if they are interupting my browsing

James_Clemens Top Contributor
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Hi Bill,


You can opt out of seeing personalized Google Ads...  and learn about other steps to take, too. Please use this information to do so: https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=en


Kind Regards,