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Give customers more reasons to click your ads

AdWords text ads are short and sweet – giving you just enough space to tell customers what you offer and how they can act.


But sometimes just a little more information can give your customers additional reasons to click, like a business address or a local phone number. AdWords extensions let you display extra pieces of information like this with your ads.


Watch this video to see how a business like Main Street Flowers uses sitelinks, call, offer, and location extensions to enhance its ads:

























Already using ad extensions? Tell us which one is your favorite and why!

Rakesh Kumar Top Contributor
September 2013

Thanks Kris for posting such a useful information.


In addition to that it also help to improve the CTR and QS of the keywords.




Virtu S
September 2013

Thanks for the valuable info. It helps the needy alot.

nargesh r
September 2013

Really helpful info for us.. 

John Paul Google Employee
November 2013

Hi Hr,


Thank you for posting on our forum. However you are not allowed to promote any products or services here as it is against the Community guidelines. If you have a question or issue about your Adwords account, please feel free to post a description on our forums. 

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Bob Yi
January 2014

Kris, I can't view the video.  the video has been tagged "a private video" ? what happended!

Kris Google Employee
January 2014

Thanks for letting me know, Bob! I just fixed the video -- are you able to view it now?


– Kris

Bob Yi
January 2014


it's fine now,  thanks for your quick response.