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4K members online now
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about Marissa Nordahl

I have worked on Google My Business since 2013 and joined the community team in 2016. I truly enjoy helping business owners and am thankful to have such an awesome group of Top Contributors and Rising Stars who share in that as well. We are here to help so please - ask away!

Matt G
April 2017

i have claimed my business on maps but the address is wrong. When I try and verify it to change the address it says send by mail to the wrong address. This is no good. Why cant I have a phone verification or email. The mail option is unacceptable as it is wrong details

Marissa_GMB Community Manager
April 2017

Hi @Matt G


I'd suggest getting in touch with the GMB Social Support team through Twitter (@GoogleMyBiz) or Facebook (/googlemybusiness). They'll be able to help you sort this out. 


Matt N
April 2017

i need someone to tell me why my google+ page has spam behavior i am willing to pay someone money if they can figure it out i am desprate google will not help me at all and to be quite honest i dont think they know whats wrong

Katya G
April 2017

Hi, I am just verifying our business..  Two questions:

1. the "category" we are really doesn't fit us at all.  We are a charter sailing company; people can come for 2-hour sails on our captained sailboat.  "Sailing School" implies a class and licensure etc., we are more a tourist business!  But nothing else even has sailing in the words.  Is it possible to have no category?  A "school" would be a turnoff.


2. Is there a way to market ads to phones that are in our area, regardless of where the person lives?  We want to market to people along our shoreline who are visiting from far away.




Una M
April 2017 - last edited April 2017

Hi, I've completed the verification process (via post card) to change our business details on Google - we recently rebranded and changed location.  Everything looked fine, and I'm seeing the changes on our GMB account page but these changes have not yet happened online, so customers are still seeing our old info.  Everything looks good on our profile page, but don't understand why the changes are not yet visable publically.  Thanks for your help.  Una






Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.47.48 am.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.49.54 am.png

Brigitte K
May 2017

Hello.  My business has 3 reviews - 2 reviews are 5 stars (known customers) and 1 reviewer I believe to be false and has given us 1 star.  We have no record of a person by this name in our customer base and they didn't provide any details on the nature of their complaint when asked.  I am dismayed because it is showing us as having only 1 star when we clearly have 2 x 5 star reviews and 1 (false) x 1 star review.  Two questions (1) why is it not showing the 5 star reviews on the star system, (2) can I get the 1 star review removed. Thank you

Mike C
May 2017
hi, Marissa Here is Michael Chang, I work at Meimeifu Mattress Factory, which is a China Mattress Company. When I tried to add my location and shop onto the Google Map, I cannot find the China selection in Drop Down Menu Can you help to explain that? Actually, I searched the reason, too. Someone said that China is not allowed to be there. But I found many Chinese companies are there on Google Map, How did they make this happen ? Will much appreciate your help. Yours, Michael Chang Meimeifu Mattress
Tranh Dán Tường -
May 2017 - last edited May 2017

Hi,I have 2 address of my trading company

+ Cty giay dan tuong bao viet : 101/40 bac hai, phuong 15, quan 10, tphcm

+ Tranh dan tuong bao viet: 1264/1 le duc tho, phuong 13, go vap, tphcm

Both of these places have been verified many times . But the RL on google map maker before, the last two months, keep deleting me constantly . I ask the google enterprise side to restore, but they continue the action on.

On Saturday and Sunday, when google does not work, they continue to delete my business. Please help me




La B
May 2017

i just listed my business on my business but only can find it if typed the whole name. cant find if searched near me 


Martin E
May 2017

Hi, i have a G+ brand account and would like to link it to my GMB listing, is there a way to do this? Thanks :)