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Generate Themed Lists Automatically with Google Drive

A recent discussion within the community inspired me to share this feature as I'm sure some of you will be able to find a use for it. To give you a little background:


The advertiser's business creates wiring for a variety of products but he wanted to exclude car makes and models as this was generating 50% of the total incoming traffic and would not be feasible to create due to the overall costs to the clients. Manually entering each car make as a negative keyword would be too time consuming and the lists we found online always seemed to be incomplete. There is a great (and sometimes entertaining) feature in the spreadsheets section of Google Drive which could help address issues such as this one.


The feature is simply called Auto-fill and this is how you use it:


  1. Login to Google Drive using your usual Google Profile details and open a new spreadsheet using the Create button.

 Google Drive Spreadsheet.png

2. Introduce a word into the first cell and then a related word in the cell below it. So in our example to produce a list of car makes I would use "bmw" and "jaguar". It's worth noting that you don't need to limit this to two cells, the more you have then the more relevant the result is likely to be.




3. Now highlight these two cells and while holding the Ctrl key (or ALT key for Mac users) drag the little square box in the bottom right corner of the "jaguar" cell down as far as you like. Once releasing the mouse and Ctrl key you should be presented with an extended list of car makes which have automatically been generated.


Auto-fill 2.png


This handy feature isn't restricted to car makes however and can be applied to an unbelievable amount of subjects, it's just a case of working out how it can be best applied to your own AdWords campaigns. Let me know if you do end up using it and in what situation via the comments so that we can all share from your experience!

about Scott Dunroe

I have been managing AdWords accounts for over 8 years now at an international marketing agency level and also as a freelancer. I am very passionate about Google's PPC platform and pretty much anything else that is Google related. My theory in life is to learn something new every day and this community is definitely a good place to do so; I would recommend anyone reading this to stick around as it's an excellent source of information with great people contributing to it.

April 2013


Very interesting. I will try this.



heena t
April 2013



It's Interesting & easy also.

I like it, I will also try this

Farhan H
April 2013

I am impress very handy !

ScottyD Top Contributor
April 2013

I'm glad you all liked it, it's definitely an interesting feature Smiley Wink

Mario B
April 2013

Very interesting, thank you. Just a heads up: if you're a mac user it won't work with the Ctrl key, you should use the Alt key instead. Smiley Wink

ScottyD Top Contributor
May 2013

Thanks Mario! I was actually looking for the Mac alternative during my research but failed to do so. I shall make the edit now, thanks again Smiley Wink

Shuva Nandy
May 2013

Very Nice Scott.I have tried it as soon as i read your article & It works.Thanks for sharing Scott.

ScottyD Top Contributor
May 2013

I'm glad you like it Shuva Smiley Happy

May 2013

Hi Scotty


After I've translated your article for the german community I've got a comment of Björn that found an easy way to use this function within the AdWords GUI. 


Click "+add keywords" in the Keywords tab. 


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 18.29.52.png


Then click "Add keywords by spreadsheet" just above the text box.


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 18.30.20.png


And now you have the same functionality as in Google Drive.


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 18.31.38.png


There you go Smiley Happy


Thanks to Björn who found this new solution path after reading the translated article.


I love this kind of teamwork Smiley Happy !






Vitaly M
May 2013

Thank you Scotty!!!

It so interesting.