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Free Course On Creating Your First Online Campaign

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Want to reach potential customers online, but not sure how? We’ve got good news. Starting July 22 2013, we’ll be offering Marketing 101, our first-ever massive open online course (MOOC). Register now!


The free course is for businesses who haven’t yet started advertising online or are just learning how it works. Over the course of three weeks, the class will help you understand the basics of online advertising, how it can help your business, and prepare you to start an online advertising campaign with AdWords.


Course highlights include:


  • Help thinking about your potential customers and business goals, and how to translate those goals to an online advertising campaign

  • Examples of businesses that can use online advertising

  • Interactive office hours with AdWords experts and opportunities to connect with other students


Interested? Sign up for the course here.

Adrian B
July 2013

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the source ! I will subscribe.

July 2013

Hi. I have enrolled for the course but I'm having a bit of confusion here. After I had signed up for the course, I waited for Google to send me a confirmation but I just received it today after I updated my Gmail. The email said that the class already started on July 8th,so I have missed the 1st class because I only received the updates today. The second class will start this Monday,so where will the class be held? I really needed a direction now as where can I take the class?  

Adrian B
July 2013

Hello ollie,

 I have the same email where it says



Here’s the schedule:

  • Class 1: Online Advertising Basics (July 8)
  • Class 2: Build Your Business Plan (July 15)
  • Class 3: Create Your Campaign (July 22)"

But after i accessed the course at this link




down on the page it says


  • Week 1 - Online advertising basics (July 22)

  • Week 2 - Build your business plan (July 29)

  • Week 3 - Create your campaign (August 5)


    So you did not miss anythig.

July 2013

Hey Adrian. Thank you for the info Cat Happy. I just received the latest update from Google. So,the class will be held here ey?

Rachit Gupta
July 2013
Wow.. its really great.. Need some basic refinements,.. Already registered .... Waiting Smiley Happy
Mohamed H
September 2013

Where can I find these course videos? 

Adrian B
September 2013

Hello Mohamed H ! Welcome to the Community,


There are 3 videos with a total of over 75 minutes in the links bellow with the Google Evanghelist Avinash Kausik, he is an impressive spokesman :


Hangout on Air: Online Marketing 101 - Week 1


Hangout on Air: Online Marketing 101 - Week 2


Hangout on Air: Online Marketing 101 - Week 3