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Five key steps for Successful AdWords


5 Keys.jpgIf you are an advertiser and want to advertise through Google AdWords, it has always been a concern among advertisers “How to Succeed on Google AdWords”. AdWords is powerful tool to reach the potential customers, if it is done in a planned and organized way. An AdWords campaigns could give the positive ROI and goals, if advertisers follow the systematic campaign management process.


AdWords campaign management is a “process of planning, organizing, tracking, monitoring and optimizing of Google AdWords account and campaign”.





1. Planning: - “Like success of any management depends on good planning”, before setting up campaigns, advertisers must define advertising objective or develop a plan, so that they will work and make strategy accordingly. Advertisers objective can be classified as “Direct Response” and “Branding”. Based on the advertising objective an advertiser defines campaign measurable.

Once Advertisers set their advertising objective the second step comes to build Keyword strategy and network selections.


a. Network selection: - As per advertising objective, advertisers choose where they want to run their ads. Selection of the networks depends on advertising objective and budget. Both Networks have their own Advantages. e.g. you want to run Banner/Flash ads, Adwords allow you to run ads on Google Display Network.


b. Keyword and Targeting Strategy: - Good keywords and targeting strategy are the backbone of any successful campaign. It is said that “keyword research is Continuous process and campaign structure depends on it.” Advertiser must use Keyword Planner to build good keywords list and Display Planner to make Targeting strategy/media plan for GDN campaigns.


2. Organizing Campaign: - “Organize AdWords Account to Maximize Campaign Success”. After making keyword strategy and targeting, the next step comes “organizing the campaign”. Now, advertisers build Ad Groups, Ads Copy and landing page depending on the keywords themes and relevancy. It is an important process because relevancy plays key role to achieve good Quality Score. 

                                                        In Addition to that, advertisers also focus to create Ad Extensions. As we know Ad Extensions Format became an integral part of Ad Rank calculation. Thus based on campaign’s objective advertisers must use the proper format of ad extensions.


3. {Campaign} Tracking: - After organizing campaigns, it is essential to know what happens after customers click on your ads (for example, whether they purchased your product, called from a mobile phone, or downloaded your app). In order to track and monitor campaign’s performance, advertisers must set up the conversion tracking and Google analytics. Conversion Tracking is the process of placing a small HTML and JavaScript code on thank you page to record the movements of your visitors. This feature is extensively used by advertisers to see the better overview of their accounts performance.


4. Measuring and Comparing Performance: - This is an important and never ending process. AdWords gives different types of data, which can be used to measure and compare campaign’s performance. After running campaigns, advertisers see whether they meet their advertising objective or not. Here, advertisers use Segment Tab, Dimension Tab and Campaign performance metrics to find out scope of campaign’s performance.


5. Optimizing the Campaigns:- Campaign optimization is not a small and easy process but it is an exhilarating and continuous process. You will take several required action to get better results from the campaigns. Campaign optimization is the process of digging out positive and negative keywords from search terms reports, pausing low performing keywords, ads, adding different variations of ads in ad group, increasing/decreasing bids based on performance and average positions. Thus doing testing in campaigns, helps advertisers to get better results.


Conclusion: -


Launching AdWords campaigns is not the easy task and always concern among advertisers to make it more Profitable. These are the few steps to create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign from Scratch. Also campaign requires more time on optimizing keyword bids, CTR, Landing page or Ads conversion rate. Then you will be on the way of to reaping profits from Google AdWords campaign. Good Luck!



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