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Filtering addresses for location extensions

Location extensions show your business address with your ad. Once you connect AdWords with your Google My Business account, if you want to assign addresses to particular campaigns or ad groups, you can set up filters.


Here's how to do that:


Choose the campaign or ad group you’re specifying addresses for.

  1. Click the Campaigns tab and choose one of your campaigns.
  2. Click the Ad Extensions tab.
  3. Select View: Location extensions from the drop-down menu in the upper corner.
  4. Choose Upgraded in the drop-down menu next to View: Location extensions.
  5. Click “Campaign extension” or “Ad group extension” depending on whether you want to filter addresses to a campaign or ad group.
  6. Click + Extension.
  7. Under “New campaign location extension” or “New ad group location extension,” choose the campaign you want to filter addresses to. If you’re adding a location extension on the ad group level, choose your desired ad group as well.

Add a filter

  1. Under the name of your Google My Business account, click + Filter.
  2. Choose “Business name” or “Business category” from the drop-down menu, depending on which grouping you want to filter to your chosen campaign or ad group.
  3. Fill in your business name or category. Filters will only work if you've entered information that exactly matches the category you've chosen. For example, if you enter a restriction for the business name "Bob's Barbecue," you won't filter out businesses with the name "Bob's Texas Barbecue."
  4. (Optional) Filter addresses further (see below).
  5. Click Done.

(Optional) Filter addresses further

  1. If you want to set additional filters, click + AND or + OR. Using + OR will expand your list of addresses, while choosing + AND narrows your list.
  2. Follow the directions from step 2, above.

Good to know

You’ll choose which addresses go with each campaign or ad group using the business names or business categories that you’ve defined with Google My Business. It’s a good idea to copy these names down, so you’ll have them handy when you’re filtering addresses in AdWords.


For more information on this and location extensions, in general, check out our Help Center article.

Trevor_Stewart Top Contributor
August 2014


Thanks Coco, great post learned a few tricks!

Nouman T
August 2014

Nice Article; Thanks Coco for writing a step by step guide on filtering addresses for location extensions. 

John R
August 2014

Will Adwords be "smart enough" to serve location extensions based on the users location?


In the case where advertiser has one website, but many brick and mortar locations, dynamically serving the most relevant (closest) location would be best, trying to accomplish this with filters is a huge and cumbersome task. The same holds true for call extensions. The last I checked, the extensions algorithms did not serve numbers or locations based on the users proximity, but instead serve the extension with better metrics. Has this changed?


I imagine this is somewhat a feature request, though I'd love to be presently surpised to learn it's in the making.

CocoP Community Manager
August 2014

Hi John,


If you have multiple location extensions in a campaign, we do try to use signals from the user's query/location to try to serve them the most relevant location extension information. And you can actually show your phone number with a location extension (without setting up a separate call extension), so that sounds like it'd be a good fit for you, since the phone number/address would be treated as one unit, in terms of which location to show to the user.

John R
August 2014

Hi Coco,


Yes this sounds like the perfect solution! Several of my clients have either national or regional locations (offices, showrooms, stores etc), so I've been waiting for this capability Smiley Happy


Last January I contacted my account rep to see if it would be possible to serve the phone number based on the user's location which is when/where I learned it would not be possible.


With the awareness (at Google) of the rapid growth of mobile search, I hoped that this type of targeting would be available. Smiley Happy Great news! Thanks for the quick reply.

Gábor K
October 2014

Dear Coco!

I work at an agency, and we struggle with the upgrading and setting up of new location extensions. Our problem is, that we need to communicate with our clients that they need to set up their "My Business" account and this process consumes a lot of time and energy. 


Is there a way to access the old non-upgraded location informations somehow from our MCC account where we control our clients campaigns? 

Are these adresses saved anywhere?

I have looked all over the internet for this information, we are looking for a solution where we can upgrade, and use the location extension again without adding to our clients workload.


Thank you in advance for the answer, yours sincierly:

Gábor Kálmán

BP. Hungary

Rajdeep S
November 2014

My issue is resolved before posting it.


We are starting a city-wise campaign. So I was little worried how will I add different cities with extensions.


Thanks CocoP, for the great solution!