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Filtering Campaigns and Ad Groups in AdWords Editor

This is part of our "5x5" series, in which we share five tips per week over the course of five weeks. We will share must-have tips about AdWords Editor, account optimization, ad-writing best practices, and much more. Make sure to explore the full series.


If you find yourself handling large accounts in AdWords Editor, you might sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of campaigns and ad groups that are listed in the left hand “Campaigns” area. Paused campaigns can leave a real sense of clutter, making it hard to focus on what’s most important while working in Editor. Or perhaps you only want to concentrate on your Display Network campaigns and find that every other campaign type is getting in the way. Thankfully, the smart Googlers on the AdWords Editor team have provided us with a simple yet effective way of overcoming this issue!


With a few quick clicks, it’s now very easy to filter campaigns, so you are left with exactly the campaigns you want to see. Simply click the icon with three lines, located right of the “Campaigns” section, and you will be presented with a list of options. From here you can filter campaigns (and ad groups) by their type or status while also having the ability to quickly search for individual campaigns by name. This search function is ideal if you have named your geo-targeted campaigns by a certain location and want to focus on that one location for example.


Quicken your workflow in AdWords Editor today by using the filter function!


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