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Experimenting is Not Supported for your Current Bidding Option | #AdWordsAnswers


Hi Community!

I’m Paridhi from the AdWords team and today I’m going to talk about Campaign Experiments. Specifically, an error message  that you may encounter when setting them up.


Campaign Experiments allow you to test changes to your account on a portion of the auctions that your ads participate in. When you create an experiment, you can decide what sort of change you want to test.


For example, you could test adding new keywords, raising a bid, trying new ads, or using different managed placements. The results from experiments can help you make better decisions and help you increase your return on investment.


While setting this up, you may see this error message:


Experimenting is not supported for your current bidding option.


What does this mean?

Currently, campaign experiments are not supported with flexible bidding (i.e. bid strategies applied at the ad group level). If you are attempting to run an experiment in a campaign with an ad group-level bid strategy applied, you may receive this error message. Additionally, campaigns using Maximize Clicks are also not compatible with Adwords campaign experiments.


What should I do if I see this message?

To run a campaign experiment on a campaign currently using flexible bidding or Maximize Clicks, you will first need to change your bidding strategy. Just follow these steps:


  1. Open the Settings tab of the campaign
  2. Edit the Bid Strategy option
  3. Click on Change Bid Strategy
  4. Select Manual CPC
  5. Save


Once you’re done, you should not see this error message while saving your campaign experiment.


For more details, please take a look at the full campaign drafts and experiments guide.  Feel free to post a comment below if you have any further questions.



Stefan B
May 2016

Thanks Paridhi for the post


I followed those instructions but i get the following message;

"To use this strategy, remove the strategies currently applied to your ad groups''

I then removed all strategies from my adgroups and keywords, but my campaign determines these settings

so i can't override it for soeme reason.


When i change bid strategy on my adgroups and keywords it allows me to do so without an error message, but

when i go to my Campaign to set the Bid Strategy i receive the same message again to change the bid strategies

on my adgroups?


Any suggestions?



Conan Watters
June 2016

Hi Stefan, 


I just had a similar issue to you! I would recommend taking a look at at which AdGroups and keywords you are changing the bid settings for. If you have sorted out your paused AdGroups and keywords, you will also need to change the bidding strategies that have been applied to those AdGroups and keywords before you will be able to make any experimental changes to your campaign. 


Hope this helps,


Stefan B
July 2016
Thanks Emilio

I will try again, and will let you know if i come right

Amanda C
August 2016

Both my ad groups and keywords are using the campaign bid strategy - Manual CPC - and I'm still getting this message. Am I missing something?