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Expedite your AdWords Campaigns using Excel

Excel is a fantastic tool can be used to help create campaign faster. We can use it at many levels in the campaign creation. Both excel & Editior tool can make things easier & faster.


Tips & Formulas:


=LOWER(): This formula will allow you to convert all the text in the selected cells to lowercase.


=CONCATENATE(): This formula will allow you to join several text strings into one.


=LEN(): This formula will allow you to count how many characters you have in a cell.


=COUNTA(): This formula counts the numbers of cells in a determined selection without counting any blank cells.


Replace (CTRL + H): This command will allow you to find and replace text in one or several cells.

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Theresa_Zook Rising Star
February 2014

Good morning, Gokuldas K.


I think your article might be improved if you added some ideas for how you use these spreadsheet functions.


Most spreadsheet programs offer a lot of different functions for users and your article mentions only a few of them. Some information on why you thought these were important functions for advertisers to know about and use. Maybe you could explain why you considered the five you mentioned to be important?

Anne C
March 2014

Hi Gokuldas,


Excel is a great app for search marketers. But one thing Excel is not built for is creating massive PPC campaigns.


How often has Excel crashed when you're trying to open a 100MB spreadsheet with loads of macros or updating 1000000s rows of complicated formulas across 10s of columns?


That's why we built our own software for this task - Keyword Machine www.keywordmachine.com - a PPC Keyword Concatenation and Ad Builder Tool


No more complicated, long CONCATENATE() formulas - Keyword Machine allows you to insert meta data and keyword match types into your Keywords, Campaigns, AdGroups and Text Ads. You can also instantly preview how your text ads will look.

No more PROPER/UPPER/LOWER() functions - Keyword Machine allows you to change lettering cases on Campaigns, Ad Groups and Text Ads in seconds with easy to use drop down menus.


No more LEN() and IF() for counting characters and manually editing long ads - Keyword Machine automatically switches your ad to a backup ad if your text ads exceed AdWords's character limit.


Disclaimer: I am one of the co-owners of Keyword Machine. If you have time to try it, I would love to hear your feedback Smiley Happy




Gokuldas K
March 2014

Thanks  Anne for the details. Its looks nice