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Enhanced Campaign Upgrade FAQ

Please read this first:  If your question is about restricting Ad display on mobile devices or tablets please consider whether mobile advertising may be assisting your other sales.  


Although you may have little evidence of direct sales from mobile devices, it is quite likely these devices are assisting sales with clicks or views of your Ads before final conversion.  Remember that many conversions happen over 2 or more clicks and that often those clicks can be on different devices and from different sources.  Also consider whether poor mobile performance can be traced to the behaviour of your site; is it mobile friendly?  Do all the features, displays and navigation work correctly on mobile devices?  


Mobile technology and usage has changed dramatically over the past few years and even if you have not seen good mobile performance in the past, today there may be sales opportunities available.


If you are certain that mobile devices cannot be of use to your advertising Campaign(s) then the following information may be useful:


  1. How do I switch off advertising on mobile devices?
    To prevent your Ads appearing on mobile devices you’ll need to set a bid adjustment for mobiles to -100% (minus one hundred percent).  

    To change your device bid adjustment log in to your AdWords Account, click on the Campaign you wish to change in the left-hand column, then choose “Settings” from the tabs in the main part of the page.  Now click “Devices”.  In the page beneath the graph you’ll see a column labelled “Bid adj.”.  Click the figure to the right of “Mobile devices with full browsers” and you’ll be able to change the percentage increase or decrease.  To completely stop advertising on mobile devices, enter -100%.


  2. How do I stop advertising on Desktops and Tablets?
    Unlike mobile devices there is no way to completely turn off Ad display on Desktops and Tablets. You can significantly reduce the cost of advertising on these devices by using the same bid adjustment process detailed above to increase your mobile bid adjustment to 300%.  You will need to set the Max. CPC of your Keywords to an appropriate value to take into account the 300% adjustment.


  3. How do I control advertising on tablet devices separately?
    It is not possible to separate Desktop and Tablet devices by bid adjustments.  Whenever you consider restricting advertising on any device it is important to consider the role that device plays in the whole conversion path.  As with mobile devices, although tablets may not show many “final click” conversions, they may be responsible for assisting later conversions.


  4. I’ve set my Ads to be “mobile” by checking the box, why do they still show on Desktops and Tablets?
    For the “mobile” checkbox to be effective, there must be at least one other Ad per Ad Group that does not have the “mobile” box checked.  If all the Ads in a Group have the “mobile” box checked, then all Ads can appear on all devices.  Make sure you have at least two Ads in any Group using the “mobile” checkbox and that at least one of the Ads does not have this checkbox checked.


You may find it useful to refer to the guidance provided by this White Paper (PDF format).

If you have any questions that have not been answered by the FAQs above, please ask in the Community.

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