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Dynamic Search Ads - Increase traffic and get more keyword ideas.




AdWords Keyword Planner is certainly a useful tool but it shows the first 800 results for keywords which are most searched; probably you can miss the search terms with low traffic volume which can be found with a Dynamic Search Ads campaign.


Dynamic Search Ads can be a solution for accounts with low traffic from Search Campaigns, when you don't want to use broad match keywords. It will generate traffic limited to your pages content, which is less traffic than using broad keywords.


Dynamic Search Ads targeting is very easy : You can advertise your complete website in one go, you just need to add those products URLs which you want to advertise. For example, if your website has a landing page related to jewelry which you want to advertise, add that URL “” as dynamic ads targeting and make a Dynamic Search Ad. AdWords system itself will change the Headline and Destination URL for these ads as per the search term from a user; you just need to enter the Description Line 1 & 2 along with Display URL.


You will be amazed to see how Dynamic Search Ads campaign discovers trending search terms, which your regular Search network campaign is missing. If a certain search term becomes very popular in a month and matches your pages, Dynamic Search Ads campaign will start triggering ads for it giving you an opportunity to find out what products are most searched in a season. Recently, I found many search terms which my regular campaigns are missing and Dynamic Search Ads campaign is targeting them for one of my clients. I also noticed a higher Conversion Rate and lower CPA(16% higher CTR and 21% lower CPA) for DSA campaigns as compared to regular Search Network campaign. This inspired me to write about it and share the potential of this AdWords feature with others.


Since Dynamic Search Ads campaign finds search terms automatically based on page titles and content, there are chances that DSA will start targeting irrelevant search terms. For this problem, you can use negative keywords in a DSA campaign.


You can look at the DSA campaign search terms report to check what keywords need to be added as negatives and you can add relevant search terms as regular keywords in search network campaign.

It will be a good strategy to add all exact and phrase match keywords from your regular search network as negatives in your DSA campaign, to ensure that a particular search term cannot be triggered both by DSA and a keyword from a Search Campaign. 


Dynamic Search Ads campaigns are very similar to Search network campaigns except for the dynamic ad targeting instead of keywords and dynamic ads instead of normal text ads.


Here are some Google Support links for more info about DSA campaigns:-

Using DSA Ads: -

Creating Targeting for DSA:-

Creating Ads:-

Optimizing DSA Campaigns:-



Do you feel tempted to start your first DSA campaign today? If you have any questions related to Dynamic Search Ads, please use the comments below or post a question in the community.


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Adrian B
March 2015
For me DSA always worked like charm. It brings a high volume of traffic even if I set a MaxCPC 3 times less than the avg. Cpc of a search campaign. I only wish that more clients trust this feature , some refuse to implement it because they cannot see which was the automated title of the Ads at least for instances when the ads got clicks.
lijuan y
June 2015
Are you dare to show the performance of your account ? I show first, ROI 3:1
Tejas P
March 2016

Sir, is it possible to create and run keyword-targeted campaign and DSA campaign at the same time to check the performance of both the campaign types?