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Dynamic Ads & Dynamic Ads Extension



    While dealing with Dynamic search Ads, generally we get confused with Dynamic Ads and Dynamic Ads Extension. Confusion can be related to difference between both of them or link between both of them.

    As the name suggest the "Dynamic Search Ads extension" actually, isn't an extension that appears under your main ads like sitelinks or product extension. It is a feature that allows you to specify which domain you want to run Dynamic Search Ads for. If you select only "Dynamic search Ads", you will only be able to select the "Dynamic search Ads Extension" in the extensions menu, but the question is that why we get this option with Search Campaign (All Features) type too. The option is available, so that you can run multiple types of ads within the same campaign. For example if you are running a Search campaign, then you can have both type of Ads in it (Text Ads & Dynamic Search Ads) and for DSA you need to specify the targeting URL and that you can do with help of Dynamic search Ad Extension. 
    For example you want to setup a Dynamic search Ads campaign for In this case you need to set the DSA extension to and for targeting the specific sub-domain you will target this sub domain through Auto-targets tab.

Note: In case of DSA destination URL field should only use third party tracking parameters, don't enter a valid URL like your home page or anything else. In case if you don't have a third party tracking, just leave it empty Google will automatically choose the URL.



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