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Display Network No Brainer Category Exclusions

The Display network offers a huge opportunity for visibility across a far reaching network.  The opportunity to have ads placed on sites that are not a good fit are real when targeting anything aside from hand picked placements.    The cost of poor placement can be felt in wasted dollars but also can equate to brand blunders when a brands messaging is served alongside content that is a poor fit such as sexually suggestive, violent, immature, or bizarre.


Excluding entire categories that are not a good fit is an easy was to avoid wasting budget and brand blunders and many of these categories available for exclusion are no-brainers that I exclude by default on any Display Network campaign.


To exclude categories visit the Display Network tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the site category options section and click +Options to open the category exclusions section.  Exclude the categories you see fit.


categiry exclusions.png

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Nicolas P
November 2015

Display network is a strange beast. Whatever I attempt, it just continoually gerenates what I abhor; ridiculously high bounce rate or what I refer to as "ghost clicks". Given the nature of the various ads I run for clients, turning off Display Network ads was the most sensible thing I could do and hesven't looked back since. I'd be interesting if a article could be written on best use cases for the service, becuase otherwise I just dont see the value.  

Alexey C Rising Star
February 2016

@Kim_Clink thanks sharing usefull informaion with us. 

How did you choose which categories to exclude in lead generation campaigns? When I am dealing with Display Category Exclusions I am always a bit concerned which categories to exclude apart from GMOB which proved to be not effective in most of the cases by my own statistics.