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4.1K members online now
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Custom email, apps and more for Google Domains

This article was originally posted on October 6th, 2015 in the Google and Your Business blog. 


Last year we introduced Google Domains in the U.S. to make it easy for your business to get online with a domain name and website. We wanted to make finding, buying and managing domains for your business simple, and we partnered with best-in-class website builders like Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix to help you create your site — no technical experience required.


Since then, we have helped people register hundreds of thousands of domain names and create tens of thousands of websites, many of whom are businesses like yours looking to build and expand their online presence. Through your continued feedback, today we’re introducing upgrades to improve the Google Domains experience by adding:


  • Custom email addresses - create an email address like, you@yourdomain or sales@yourdomain via Google Apps for Work.
  • Over 90 new domain name endings - purchase domains with new endings like, .life, .world, .business, .cool, .pizza, .gifts, and .football (here’s the new full list).
  • Domain ownership transfer - allows you to always make sure the right person is managing the right domains (learn more here).


Custom email addresses are a key part of building your online identity. Email addresses such as you@yourdomain help you establish credibility when you communicate with customers. Setting up a custom email address with Google Domains is an optional service for $5/month/user, and with that you’ll also get the full Google Apps for Work productivity suite. Google Apps for Work includes helpful business tools like video meetings, shared calendars, online document editing and 30 GB of file storage.




New domain name endings offer more choice and flexibility as you pick a memorable address for your business website.  New endings are continuously opening up to the web, like .legal, .accountant and .services, and can help you create a name that matches who you are and what you do. Check out some of the people on Google Domains already using these new domain name endings:,,, and



It’s our mission to help your business easily get online and succeed with a domain name, and we want to make sure we continue to offer you the best tools and experience possible in our beta.  So, if you have any input, questions or feedback, please don’t be shy!


See you online at
Posted by Ben Fried, VP and CIO

about Marissa Nordahl

I have worked on Google My Business since 2013 and joined the community team in 2016. I truly enjoy helping business owners and am thankful to have such an awesome group of Top Contributors and Rising Stars who share in that as well. We are here to help so please - ask away!

Gintaro s
February 2017

I was adding my internet site to my google business
my google business name- surname is Gintaro supirkimas as a website name it is like the same
google send verified code and i was write password and google confirmed my business
but there is a problem, when I go to google search and enter in keyword search on google ( my business name ) > “gintaro supirkimas” so google didn't found this and not show on google search page able on a right corner up side, right corner
But when I write in google search “gintaro supirkimas taikos prospektas" so google open my business with website, but in this case for google consumer need to write +taikos prospektas (+ street >taikos prospektas ) it is not good to me and my clients , consumers on google
can you help me to check why on the main keyword “gintaro supirkimas” google didn't find my google my business ??


many thanks

Gintaro s
February 2017



Can you answer my question?





Ted G


From Sydney, Australia I Think that its around 03.45am Sunday in

Los Angeles ?

Recently, I have registered a Business site and name with


In order to increase the site's exposure and public awareness I wish to

open it's name inside of án convenient application/or an App;


Marissa I Have Plenty Of Spare Space under Apps in my Menu Bar

Could you be so kind as to tell us best way to Set this Up ?

20:50hours or 8.50pm Sunday Mothers Day May, 13th


Right now,

Sydney, Australia