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Custom Labels for Shipping | #AdWordsAnswers



Hello Community!


I’m Archita from the AdWords Team and today, I’ll walk you through the various custom label options for shipping that are available in your Merchant Center Account.


What are custom labels?


Custom labels are identifiers or parameters that can be used to subdivide products into groups for a Google Shopping campaign, as well as make the categorization of products easier. For shipping, we would want to use shipping_label as the shipping custom label in the feed, as custom labels for shipping are called shipping_label. With shipping_label, you can define specific and complex shipping rates based on the shipping label in your product data that you create, and apply across all applicable products.




Why should you use custom labels for shipping values?


When you have a website with a flat shipping rate or shipping that ties to carrier rates, entering shipping values is an easy process in Merchant Center.


However, when your shipping method is slightly more complex, with shipping values for each product differing by price, weight and location, the easiest and fastest solution is using custom labels.


How to set up custom labels for shipping


Let’s look at an example!


Say a website that has different shipping rates for products based on their weight, shipping location and also the value of the product, there are three possible permutations for calculating shipping prices:

  • For a product shipped to major cities with a value over $100, shipping will be free.
  • For a product shipped to other locations with a value over $100, shipping is based on location and weight.
  • For a product shipped to any location with a value under $100, shipping is based on location and weight.

The options above are seemingly complex, but there is a very simple way to set this up in Merchant Center.


Step 1: Set up basic shipping settings


    • Go the Shipping tab in Merchant Center, click on “+Shipping service,” and enter the required information. Also select “Filter products by advanced label (shipping)”, as shown below:

    • Create a new label and name it as you prefer. I have named it “Above 100” and added it, as shown below:

Here, I know that “Above 100” stands for all my products priced $100 or more.


Step 2: Enter the location dimension


      • To enter in the dimensions for location, i.e. to specify the different price variations we have based on location, click on the “more” dropdown and choose “destination by postal code,” as shown below:

    • Click on the “select” button, which will take you to a location group tab. Location groups allow you to group postal codes together for entering shipping values. Here, I have created a sample location group, entering postal code values in ranges. Once you have done so, please add them and click on save.

    • Please create as many location groups as required.


Step 3: Add weight dimensions


    • We know that for major cities, shipping for products above $100 will always be free, irrespective of weight. So, we simply select the “fixed rate” dropdown and select “Free shipping,” as shown below:


    • Now, we select the “+Order weight in kilograms” button, as shown below:


    • Enter in the required rates corresponding to the weight ranges. Please note: you can simply click on the “+New column” button to add in more weight ranges.

  • Once that is all done, click Save!


    • To add another label, simply go to the shipping method, click on the “+” blue button, add in a new label and customize your shipping rates.

Step 4: Corresponding shipping labels to data feed

The last step is to ensure that the shipping labels also correspond to the data feed uploaded in the Merchant Center. To do this, simply add a column titled “shipping_label” to your feed. You can enter the label names that match the ones you created (for example, “above 100”) next to each product in that column and the system will now pull up these customized shipping prices for you.


I hope this was helpful. Please do let me know of any questions by commenting below and I’m happy to clarify!




Bryce L
April 2017



This was very insightful, thank you. I had a quick question though. We have a lot of data in our feeds that take up a lot of columns. If our "shipping_label" attribute is in column AD of our product feed, will it still register in Merchant Center & show the new shipping rates through Google Shopping?


I haven't seen the correct shipping rates reflected on Google Shopping yet. I'll continue checking while I wait for a response. Thanks for your time.