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Cross Selling with Analytics Remarketing: An Alternative To Email Marketing.


  1. User has already made purchase of certain goods on your website which means he/she trusts your brand to some extent. (trust probably is too strong word here)
  2. If you are selling other brands on your websites then user is comfortable with your website as well as the brand he has purchased
  3. User us familiar with navigation of your website
  4. User is familiar with check out process on your website


  1. User probably has already checked out the product you are trying to remarket and has made up his/her mind on not buying it
  2. User is not comfortable with your website after going through the 1st purchase
  3. User has already owns product you are trying to cross sale

Let’s take an example.

Nik is having terrible headache and hangover next morning after Jim took him out for drink which Jim owed Nik for (Now I personally don’t think anyone can have hangover from just 2 beers Smiley Very Happy )

1. Using ValueTrack To Generate Dynamically Changing Sitelink Destination URLs

2.Adwords Integration with Lead Management Systems (LMS) & CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


To his surprise Nik gets a call from Jim early morning asking for help in selling accessories of Android smart phones to users. Jim tells Nik that his campaign is doing great with selling phones but he is facing problems with selling accessories. Now Nik has having a hangover with splitting headache and tells Jim he will write a solution in mail.


Here is what Jim writes to Nik for product based cross selling with Google analytics remarketing               .

  1. I hope you have analytics remarketing code installed on your website, if not get it installed ASAP
  2. Once you have analytics remarketing code installed follow steps described here to make sure you are eligible to use Analytics remarketing.
  3. Now once you are through with all the basics and your account is ready for Analytics remarketing, log in to your analytics account and click on admin tab
  4. Once you are in admin you will see a newly added tab there called “Remarketing Lists”, click on that tab
  5. Now this is the most important part, you are going to create remarketing list based on the products sold
  6. Inside remarketing lists tab click on “New Remarketing List” Button
  7. Then select profile for which you want to create list and select option called “Create my own remarketing type using Visitor Segments”
  8. Click on “Add New Filter” and then select “Dimension & Metric Filter”
  9. This is where it gets interesting name the filter “Android Phone Buyers”
  10. From 1st select box choose “Include” From 2nd select box choose “Product”
  11. From 3rd select box choose “Containing” and In the textbox after that type “Android” (assuming all android phones in your store have android word in it)
  12. Now just to make sure and double check also and another filter under “Add and Statement”
  13. From 1st select box choose “Include” From 2nd select box choose “Product Revenue (visitor based)”
  14. From 3rd select box choose “Greater than” and In the textbox after that type “0”
  15. In textbox for List name have a name that makes sense
  16. Membership duration: This is very important field, If you have 7 days here it means that users will be stored in this list for 7 days and ads will be served to them for 7 days from date of them getting added in the list (from date of purchase)                                                                                                                                                                           
  17. Under “Product Account” select AdWords account where you want this list to be linked with campaign or adgroup
  18. And finally click on button “Get Estimate”
  19. If estimate is below 100 then you will need to play around with your filters which you defined in step 9,10,13 & 14 and / or with Membership duration which you have defined in step 16.
  20. Now click on save and your remarketing list should be ready in your AdWords account under shared library >> audience
  21. Now you can create a campaign with very relevant ad copies for example

Headset For Your Android

Available in Red, Blue, Pink, Green

Get 20 Loyalty Points for Purchase



  1. The possibilities are unlimited you can create very specific remarketing lists, you can create lists based on
    1. Products
    2. Geographic locations
    3. Revenue from users
    4. Sources of users
    5. And many more
    6. Pitfalls:
      1. Make sure you are creating perfect lists with “and” “or” filters and excluding visitors you don't want.
      2. Make sure your list have more than 100 users in the list
      3. Test it out 1st before going all out on it
      4. Please do go through This Webminar for More details on Analytics remarketing

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Amarjeet Singh
December 2012

Nice Article Niks... will surely use this

December 2012

Well written and crisply explained.

December 2012
Very good.. thanks for sharing Nik!