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Create new ad groups from existing keywords to show people more relevant ads.



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Overview of creating new ad groups for existing keywords


It is very important that Ad Groups are tightly focused to themes.  Where Ad Groups contain Keywords covering too broad topic, Ad Relevance can decrease, leading to poor CTR, poor Quality Score and increased costs.  


Creating additional Ad Groups from existing Keywords within a Group, or with new variations, can dramatically improve Campaign performance.

How do I/my clients use existing keywords for creating new ad groups? 


It’s a good idea to firstly identify your criteria for splitting your existing Ad Groups.  You may wish to split by performance, or on the basis of search terms matching those Keywords.  Alternatively, you may feel that Ad Relevance could be improved by creating Groups with a tighter focus.  Once you have identified your criteria, you can then decide upon an appropriate number of new Groups and appropriate Ads.


Why do I think creating new ad groups can be sometimes helpful? 


New ad groups allow us to focus more tightly on the more specific keywords.  This then allows us to write better targeted ads and direct the traffic to landing pages where we can fully optimize for the new keywords. This will improve our Quality Score and most likely our CTR and conversion rates (CPA)


How did creating new ad groups from existing keywords help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


When one of my customers approached me to help them identify the keywords that their target market customers (healthcare, public sector, schools, hospitality) were using to find conflict resolution training offerings, we helped them move from an historical strategy of funneling general ‘conflict resolution’ inquiries that were coming into a much more targeted, industry-specific, service specific ‘branching’ approach to managing their website and landing pages. Taking a ‘peel and stick’ approach to managing Ad Groups, we moved from a ‘general’ service strategy to one that was optimized to industry audiences (and the language they used) and to specific keywords and services they were searching for. Click through rates improved 560%, cost-per-click fell by 82%, and conversion rates of visitors to leads grew from 1.3% to 8%. By focusing on landing page messaging to tailor the copy of the page to the ads, inquiries became warmer, revenues rose and as a side-benefit, organic search performance improved as well.

Ivan M
November 2015

I can not see images.


Is there a tool in Adwords that helps? My keywords, including new keywords suggested by AdWords, are all very similar, so it is not obvious how to split existing ad groups or tcreate new ones, or to create new ads within those groups. I need better guidance than this general strategy.

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