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Click-to-Call Reporting - How Many Calls Did You Really Receive?

However, Click-to-Call Ad Extension report data is incorrect when thinking in terms of actual calls made. When viewing the Click-to-Call Ad Extensions report, the number of clicks indicates how many times the ad (as a whole) was clicked when the click-to-call extension was present. This could be a click on the headline, phone number, address, etc. as long as that phone number is present.


Click to Call Ad Extension Report


To get the real number of clicks on your phone number, you need to view the 'Click Type' Segment when viewing a campaign, ad group or keyword report.


Choose the 'Click Type' segment:


Click Type Segment


View the true click-to-call number:




Hope this helps & happy reporting!


*Note: above screen shots are not accurate in actual numbers displayed. This also assumed that you are NOT using a Google Call Forwarding Number, which provides much more robust reporting options.

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January 2013

Great clarification. You should also note that not all clicks on your phone number result in a call too. If an advertiser is using a Google forwarding number, you can get more details on the call in the Dimensions tab under "Call Details".

January 2013

Thanks, Franciss, and agreed on both points!


I thought I'd save the Google Call Forwarding information for another day,  but you are absolutely right. Google Call Forwarding provides much more robust data. 

January 2013
Wah Joo Seng I


If my country is not listed for Google Forwarding Number, does that mean I can only rely on click to call reporting?

Avijit P

Thank you for your clarification.

I just wanted to know one thing, what type of keywords is effective for Call only campaign?