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Change mobile bid adjustments to reach more of your customers while they’re on-the-go.



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Helen Brown,       Ahmed Ali   Milda Prusinskaite  Pankaj Sabharwal  Neha Gupta   Massimo Paolini


Overview of mobile bid adjustments


As people are on the go, they behave differently when working across different devices like laptops, smart phones, tablets switching between them often. Would you expect  to pay more for a Mercedes than a Toyota? Of course, the experience is radically different. The same applies to mobile vs desktop. The experience is different.


Mobile allows you to capture the “prospect” at their moment of need, therefore targeting mobile users at the right time with the right bid adjustment is crucial. The AdWords interface provides flexibility to adjust bids. Whether you want to increase or decrease depending upon the quality of mobile traffic you are getting.


How do I/my clients use mobile bid adjustments to reach more customers?


The system allows you to choose if you want to target mobile and how you’ll do that.

Clients who are not willing to target mobile users can adjust the bids by decreasing them by 100%, so that AdWords doesn’t show ads to mobile users.


On the contrary, for the clients who are willing to target mobile users, one dedicated campaign can be created with minimal bids which can then be increased up to 300% for mobile users.


Additionally, the mobile device preference ads need to be created for better targeting. It is strongly recommended to have a mobile friendly landing page or a responsive website design so that mobile users have a seamless experience while browsing the web pages.


Why do I think mobile bid adjustments can be helpful?


In order to target specific mobile devices, the bid adjustment is really important. Mobile bid adjustment is an important factor, so that advertisers doesn’t waste money and proper budget is allocated for mobile and desktop users online.


How did changing mobile bid adjustments help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


One campaign, which was targeting all the devices wasn’t performing well on mobile. After running the Device performance report, it was decided to separate the campaign for mobile and desktop devices.  


When that campaign was disabled for mobile devices by doing -100% bid adjustment and another dedicated campaign was created where the minimal bid was set by default and for mobile devices, the bidding was increased up to 300%, that campaign resulted in the upliftment of the conversions from mobile devices by 45-50%, which was incredible.