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Can I create a Call-Only Campaign in AdWords Editor? | #AdWordsAnswers


I'm Yash from the Google AdWords team, here to guide you through setting up a Call-Only Campaign on AdWords Editor!

Does AdWords Editor allow you to create a call-only campaign?

At this time, AdWords Editor does not have the option to create a dedicated call-only campaign.

So what's next?

The solution to this is simple. If you need to create call-only campaigns in bulk in AdWords Editor, you can create a Search Network Only campaign with call-only ads and achieve the same performance.


In the AdWords Editor interface, set up a Search Network campaign with ad groups and keywords like you usually would. Then when creating your ads, you will get the option to choose call-only ads.





Do note that that although these ads will serve in the same fashion as they would in a call-only campaign, we do recommend keeping call-only ads in a call-only campaign whenever possible. The reasoning here is that if the goal is to drive calls instead of clicks, you will get better results with more strategic targeting. What we are providing here is a alternative only for the purposes of making bulk changes with AdWords Editor.  

Best Practices

  • Set up a Google forwarding number to develop greater insights with regard to the tracking conversions or leads generated from the calls coming in to your business. Nothing ads more value than direct customer interaction, and this tool will allow you to leverage maximum benefits.

  • Call-only campaigns are very effective when used in conjunction with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. This combination can allow you to reach users who are most likely to convert and give them the opportunity to directly interact with your business.

  • We would recommend that you do not ad regular text ads in this campaign, since text ads and call-only ads have differing objectives in terms of generating clicks versus calls, respectively.

I hope this helps answer your questions! Do leave any feedback or queries in the comments below and I'll be happy to address them for you!