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Callout Extensions / AdWords Resolutions

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My new year resolution for the year 2017 is to add both campaign level and ad group level callout extensions to my ads wherever applicable. Managing a large account with hundreds of campaigns and thousands of ad groups, it is of course not an easy job that can be effectively done in bulk overnight. However I have realized with a few experiments performed in the past that it's pretty much worth the time investment. 



Capturedec5.JPG3 callouts beneath your text ad


This type of ad extensions allows you to provide a few additional pieces of general information right beneath your ad to give users more information when they see your AdWords ad. While sitelinks extensions are typically associated with specific pages of your websites, callout extensions are great at highlighting and summarizing specific points in your business offering as well as promoting favorable or unique features of your products or services in general. You can read more about how callout extensions work and can be created on the AdWords Help Center.

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Aditya S

Hi Sir 


Good info as you shared. 


Now we can use call extension Account, Campaign or Ad group level.

Also, Only 75 Charaters we use in callout extension. 



Aditya Sharma