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Call Me Crazy for Not Using AdWords Website Call Tracking!



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Overview of the call tracking in AdWords

Many businesses these days rely on phone calls to take in leads or process sales.  There are a variety of options for tracking calls, but why go outside to a third party call tracking solution when you can track your calls directly through AdWords?  The new AdWords Website Call tracking option is a perfect solution and easy to implement.


How do I/my clients use website call conversions?

We use call conversions so that we can gauge the number of calls that come into a business from a website.  Call tracking can be set up so that businesses can get reporting down to a very granular level.  This allows those managing AdWords to exercise different bidding strategies, ad copy, etc., based on the type of conversions being driven by those keywords therefore improving performance.


Why do I think website call conversions are helpful?

Some customers may prefer to engage with companies through phone calls vs online web form submissions.  If website call conversions are not enabled, there is a hole in tracking and a lack of understanding of performance.  To fully understand the marketing performance and ROI we need to have a full picture of the true number of leads generated by advertising campaigns.  The transparency provided by having all the data allows those managing accounts to have a full picture which allows them to modify the account to improve performance.


How did website call conversions help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?

No one can effectively work in the dark, Website Call Conversions opens advertisers eyes showing them data that they would not otherwise have had. This allows advertisers to implement informed bidding strategies based on conversion channel insights. Advertisers are then able to improve cost per acquisition therefore improving client profitability.  


Hymax Okeke
December 2014
nice one..but i dont get you well
David L
January 2016

Why is it that data froom the keyword level is no longer viewable at the keyword level. Phone calls can now only be totaled at the ad group or campain level, the keyword level was just removed, what can Google to to bring the data back to the keyword level inside adwords?