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Build Campaigns Faster with Formula Words

Build Campaigns Faster with Formula Words


It’s safe to say that building out campaigns can be a time consuming task, something that many of us have very little of to spend. Thankfully we do have AdWords Editor to help speed up the process but today I want to share a not so well known tip with you that could help speed up the building process that little bit extra.


The subject is focused around something called formula words. This is a function which allows you to replace actual parts of a campaign using the replace text tool (that you’re more likely to be familiar with). So what is it actually useful for? Let me show you a couple of examples –


Generating Keywords Quickly


Let’s say you’re building a geo-specific campaign to sell luxury cars with each ad group focusing on a major city across the world. To use formula words and build these keyword lists quickly you could simply use luxury cars as the same keyword in each ad group and then name the ad group by the appropriate city. So you would have a list of ad groups like this:



New York




You could then select all those keywords at a campaign level, use the replace text tool (Ctrl + H) and replace the keywords with [ad group] luxury cars. This will then take the name of each ad group and apply it to the appropriate keyword within that particular ad group. So the ad group called “Paris” will now contain the keyword Paris luxury cars for example.


Editing Ads in Bulk


Using the same industry of luxury cars, now let’s imagine we have a geo-specific campaign for each major type of luxury car (Ferarri, Lamborghini, Jaguar, etc). Currently we are using generic headlines across all our ads but would like to quickly make them more relevant to both the location and type of car per ad group. If we use the replace text tool once again (Ctrl + H) we can substitute [headline] with Buy [campaign] in [ad group] which in turn will create an ad headline such as Buy Ferrari in Paris for example.


These are just two quick ways in which formula words can be used to your advantage but here is a list of possible fields for you to play around with yourself –


[account] - Account name

[campaign] - Campaign name

[adgroup] - Ad group name

[keyword] - Keyword text

[headline] - Ad headline

[description1] - Ad description line 1

[description2] - Ad description line 2

[displayUrl] - Display URL text

[destinationUrl] - Destination URL text

[negativeKeywordSite] - Negative keyword or site

[field] - Any field that's editable on the selected tab

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