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Best Practices: Combine AdWords with Google Analytics for Better Insights, Bidding and Results

This was originally posted on the Google Analytics Blog on February 11, 2015.


Like sunshine and the beach, or dogs and tennis balls, Google AdWords and Google Analytics are great by themselves but even better together. You'll get high-performance insights into your ads and your website when you link your AdWords and Analytics accounts. Google Analytics does a vital job in this pairing: it shows you what happened after users clicked on your AdWords ads.

Best Practice Guide

We’ve put together a new Best Practices guide, Better Together: AdWords and Google Analytics, to help you get deep insight into your performance. When you analyze performance with the combination of GA and AdWords you can find all sorts of actionable info:

  • Which parts of your account drive actual on-site engagement
  • Which keywords attract new users to your site
  • What messaging and landing pages connect with the different users on your site
  • How your business compares across your entire industry

To whet your appetite, here’s a rundown of ten useful GA reports included in the guide (with links that lead you directly to these reports in your own GA account).  Like what you see here?  Download the full version and the condensed one-page checklist to view our complete coverage of GA + AW goodness.

Love Analytics and AdWords being paired together?  Please take our survey about your past success and what else we can do to improve the experience.

Posted by Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing


Prem Nath
November 2015

Good Read!

Admir K
December 2015

hellow.My account is suspended and I would like to know if I will get paid for the time that they have worked,.

Admir K
December 2015 - last edited December 2016 KathleenG Community Manager

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 8.43.27 AM.png

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Keith M Community Manager
December 2015

Very helpful!

Hector I
February 2016

 Absolutly see the value of connecting the two platforms (Analytics and AdWords) but am confused about a couple of things - 


Adwords uses an attributtion model that assigns the "conversion" to the first ad click ie. if a vivistor clicks on an advert goes away and comes back two weeks later to purchase provided the device is the same (ie. cookie identfier is intact) the "conversion" is attributted to the click two weeks ago. 


Analytics uses an attributtion model that assigns the "conversion" to the session id using the example above the visistor comes onto the website two weeks ago goes away comes back and purchases in this instance Analytisc would attribute the "conversion" to the session in which the transaction occurred.


If I have above correct - which I think I have - when you import "conversions" from Analytics into Adwords


a) How is the scenario above corrected / dealt with / compensated for ?

b) which of the two methods over rights the other ?

c) Will the "conversions" include both AdWords and Analytics and if that is the case then the data is surely skew ?


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.   

February 2016

I will like to raise my compain to the top please

Fiona E
February 2016

I'm getting the following message on my Google Analytics account and not sure what it means or what to do.  Unfortunately my knowledge re this is very limited. Can someone please help!

Property [my website] is not receiving hits. Either your site is not receiving any sessions or it is not tagged correctly.

Mohan P
February 2016

Hi fiona , 


your GA Code is not working properly so reinstall the code in head tag and check test traffic through Analytics account

Bob L
February 2016

How does the person know that their report is suscessful?  

Amol G
February 2016

Very helpful. Thank you very much!