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Beginner's Guide to AdWords | AdWords FAQs

New or prospective advertisers often ask us, what is the best guide for getting started with AdWords?


The good news is that there are many resources to help you get started, in nearly every format you could hope for! Here are some of our favorites:


1. Cover the basics of online marketing


While you may want to dive right in and start your first AdWords campaign today, we’ve found that advertisers are often more successful if they cover the basics first. Is your website ready to deliver results, and do you know how AdWords works? Watch this guide in full, or skip to the video about the topic you’re least familiar with:



2. Learn how AdWords works


At its core, AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising platform that lets you set up and manage your own ads. You can choose where your ads are shown (on Google Search, other websites, or YouTube, just to name a few), then adjust your settings to drive more qualified visitors to your website.


The AdWords Help Center is an excellent resource where you can learn about everything AdWords. This is the official source of information for beginners and advanced advertisers alike!


One of the trickiest concepts to understand when you’re getting started with AdWords can be the bidding system. Every time a user places a search on Google, Google decides whether an ad should be shown. If an ad is going to be shown--for example, if the search was “buy running shoes”--then a lightning-fast auction takes place. When you set up your first campaign, you’ll decide which Google searches you want to bid on (called keywords) and how much you are willing to pay for a click on your ad (your Maximum Cost per Click, or bid). You can also let AdWords set this amount automatically to help you maximize the clicks you get on your ad.


Learn more about AdWords auctions and bidding.

3. Follow the campaign creation guide


This official guide from Google will walk you through creating your first campaign, from choosing the right campaign settings to measuring the results of your first ads. Read the guide, or watch the video playlist:



4. Get help from the community.


If you have a question that isn’t covered in the above guides, post on the AdWords Basics board here on the AdWords Community. Our Experts are always nearby and happy to help!