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Become Google AdWords Certified Through Google Partners

Welcome to the Google AdWords Forum and those interested in becoming Google AdWords Certified.

Updated (Details As of June 2015)


The Google AdWords Certification is part of the Google Partners Platform. The Google Partners platform currently also administers the Google Analytics Certification Exam (Now Free), as well as a Google Video Advertising Exam, Google Shopping Exam and Mobile Advertising Exam.


(Note  The  Video Advertising Exam, Shopping Exam and Mobile Advertising Exam are extra optional certifications and are not required to become a Google Partner or Certified AdWords Individual


In order to become Adwords Certified you will need to pass a minimum of two tests. 

1) The Advertising Fundamentals Exam ( Required and valid for ONE year) Updated March 2015

2) Either the Advanced Search Exam or the Advanced Display Exam ( each valid for one year)




About Google Partners




About AdWords Certificates:


Learn More About Google Partners at Google Partners - Get Started


About AdWords Certification exams



To get started on your way to becoming Google AdWords Certified, you will need to create a profile on the Google Partners platform -


Tip: The email in which you sign up will be tied to your certifications. Certification is an individual process, and is wise to sign up with a personal email.  I suggest creating or using a personal google email account.

If your goal is to become an agency and follow through to become qualified google partner you may want to consider an email address that is currently associated with your Current MCC center.



Creating your Google Partners Profile

All Individuals and Agencies will complete these first initial steps

  1. Go to the Partners website at
  2. Click I'm an Agency. (Yes- even if you are an Individual)
  3. Click Join Google Partners. If you aren't already signed in to your Google account, you'll need to do that now.
  4. Review the Terms of Service. Once you have reviewed and are ready to agree, accept them.
  5. Enter the requested information, such as your primary email account, primary country, and job function. You can also add your interests, markets, and industries, and select which email notifications you'd like to get.
  6. Click Save and continue.

Individuals can stop here and are not require to Affiliate with a Company, Nor Associate or Create an MCC Center. (Note the profile will state 80% complete, but is not an issue)


Those wishing to continue as an Agency Please refer to the Additional steps of registration here:

Signing up for Google Partners  under the "Setting up Profile for the First Time" Drop down tab.


Agencies creating there profiles will want to sign up with an email that is associated with there company domain name.  

They will also need to make sure that their Google Places(Google My Business Page) is associated with the email address.

Their MCC Center should also be associated with this email address used to create the Google Partners Profile.


Once you have completed your Sign up process, you will have access to study material and take the respective exams. On the Right Hand Menu navigate to "Certifications"  Click see exams, to access the study material or take the physical tests.


example certifications.JPG


The Advertisement Fundamentals Test Consists of:

  • 120 minutes
  • 100 questions ( updated March 2015)
  • 80% passing score
  • 4 lessons in which to study

Test Tips:

You can not pause, or go back and change and answer. If you fail a test, you have to wait 7 days before you can take that test again.


Study Material help for the Fundamentals Exam is located in the Partner Platform

Test tips from the Google Partners YouTube Channel

Fundamentals Test


The Advanced Display Test consists of:

  • 120 minutes
  • 87 questions (updated March 2015)
  • 80% passing score
  • 4 lessons

Test tips from the Google Partners YouTube Channel

Advanced Display Exam



The Advanced Search Exam consists of:

  • 120 minutes
  • 98 questions
  • 80% passing score
  • 9 lessons

Test tips from the Google Partners YouTube Channel )(Updated 12-15-2014)

Refresher Hangout: Advanced Search


Once you have passed your required certifications it could take up to 24 hours for the Platform to update to display your "Certification".


Printing your Certificates:

Your Certifications will show up via a link in your "My Profile".  Underneath your Image you will see the certifications listed and also the date until they expire.


valid 1.JPG


The "AdWords certified" is actually a active LINK.  Click the link and your Printable Certificate will appear in another window/Tab/Popup.


Displaying your Individual AdWords Credentials Online:


Under "My Profile" navigate to the section Public Profile.  Make sure the Drop Down Box is set to Public. The "View Profile" Link will open to a public URL that is tied to your profile, image and certifications.  Copy the URL and you can use that for public verification of your AdWords Credentials


valid profile.JPG


Example of Public Url

valid url.JPG




What if I have an issues with the process?

A:  Please visit the Google Partners Support Help Center


They can help your with and issues Live or profile email assistance after hours

What does your issue relate to?

  • Certification & Exams
  • Individual Signup & Account Management
  • Company Signup & Account Management
  • My company's Partner status/badge
  • Google Partner Search
  • Complaint about a Partner
  • AdWords Promotional Offers
  • Marketing Events
  • Other

    Exam passing scores and time limits

    Below is the score that you need to get pass each exam and how long you have to take each. If you don't pass an exam, you'll have to wait 7 days to retake it.

    Exam Passing score Time limit
    AdWords Fundamentals 80% 120 minutes
    Search Advertising 80% 120 minutes
    Display Advertising 80% 120 minutes
    Video Advertising 80% 90 minutes
    Shopping Advertising 80% 90 minutes

    Keep in mind that you won't be able to pause the timer after you start taking an exam. The exam timer will continue to count down even if your computer shuts down — so be sure that you won't be disturbed while taking the exam. If you do lose your connection, you can resume the exam where you left off when you’re connected again, but the timer will not stop during this time.

    If you don't pass an exam, you can retake it in seven days. 

How often can I take the Exams?
You can take the exams as many times as necessary to pass.  If you fail an exam you must wait 7 days before attempting the exam again.  You can take the exams prior to your expiration date to extend the length of your "certification".
What happens If you have time remaining until your exam is expired,  and take the test again but fail?
Nothing, as long as there is still time left on your expiration dates, you will still be considered Certified.  You will have to wait the 7 day period in order to take the exam again, but will not lose your certification until the expiration date expires.
How will I know I passed? 
Once you submit the final question on your individual exam, the system will process your score.  You will see momentarily if you passed or fail and the physical number of question you had correct.  You will not be provided with test questions in which you got wrong, only a cumulative score, Percentage and a Pass or Fail indication.   It is wise to take a screen shot of your passing score along with the reference number, as proof.
valid ga.JPG
The system may take up to 24-48 hours to sync to show your final AdWords Certification Public URL and Certificated.
Can I be both Individually Certified and Certified as an Agency?
Technically Yes, the certification process is tied to an email address. You must fill out the rest of the agency signup process linking an MCC, Google My Business ( formerly Google Places page or Google + Page) to complete the agency signup process.  Tip:  You may consider signing your agency up under a company email address tied to your company domain name and affiliate your Personal Email Certified account to your new company Agency.  The Agency account does not have to be "Individually certified as well" but requires a certified individual is affiliated with the Agency. I suggest that you take the exams as well under the Agency account email to make sure that there is always at least one profile that is certified.
I left my Company can I take my certifications with me?
Your certifications are tied to your email address. If you are in control of your email address, then you can "Unaffiliate" with your old company. The certification exams are individual.
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