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Auto-tagging and http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/?



Auto-tagging allows you to see the Adwords data with a lot of in-depth reporting available inside Google Analytics. It's an important feature available inside Adwords account. 


Let's see what our Valued Member Adam has to say about this in his own words taken from the old forum:-


"The first thing we need to look at URL tagging. We can do this 2 ways.


1 - The auto-tagging feature in AdWords


You'll find this under the "My Account" tab then "Preferences"

By checking the Auto-tagging box, Google will automatically tag your destination URL's with additional code for tracking and reporting in analytics.


You want to make sure your site is capable of handling the additional pieces of code. To check your site, append either of the following code to the destination URL


?gclid=test or &gclid=test      So this could look like:  www.example.com?gclid=test    


If your pages still load correctly and contains the additional code, your site handles the auto-tagging OK.



2 - Google URL Builder


This tool lets you tag your URL's with a lot of different variables and I think is a more advanced way of tracking in analytics.


It is also a really good way to track other non AdWords campaigns like banner ads, email campaigns, & yahoo etc. The "How do I tag my links?" link below has a very good example of the various types of things you might want to track.


Lets say I have a new product and I want to create an email campaign to send to existing subscribers of my newsletter.


The campaign source would be newsletter

The campaign medium would be email

The campaign terms would be the month we send the email (lets say its July)

We wouldn't need to use the campaign content

The campaign would be "fantasticwiget"


The URL would look like this:




You'll now be able to see the traffic that comes from this campaign in your analytics and see how well it works for you. You'll be able to find it under traffic sources and it will be named "newsletter / email" "


Why use Auto-tagging?


Auto-tagging enables you to see the greater amount of traffic details inside Google Analytics. By enabling auto-tagging and linking Adwords with Analytics, huge amount of data specific to Adwords campaigns can be analysed like pages/visit, average time duration, % new visits, Bounce Rate etc...


Few Important Points:-


I would also add from my experience that only one feature works in a synchronized way in single account, i.e. either auto-tagging or manual tagging. Otherwise there might be discrepancies in how Google Analytics will show the data related to Adwords campaigns.


In case auto-tagging is the feature you are looking forward to and is not supported by your website, then it's best to talk with your web developer to make the desired URL changes so that they become Adwords friendly.


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November 2012
That's a good one. I didn't know about manual tags and all earlier.