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Ask a Question in the Google and your Business Help Forum

The new Google and Your Business product help forum looks a little different today. Thats because we moved across to a new Lithium platform. For regular users it may come as surprise, so here is a brief run down on how to find a solution to your Google My Business problems and how to ask specific questions in the help forum.



New Google MY Business Help Forum


Click for Home Page


Scroll down to the Google My Business section.


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Official Google My Business Community


Click for Home Page


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From here you can view :


  • Categories
  • Latest Topics
  • Use the Search Bar


Select the best category that you feel your questions falls under.


To ask a question, Start a new thread by selecting the large PINK + circle.


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Post your Question &Tips:


Explain your problem in as much detail as you can.

Provide your Google Business Page URL, if you don't know how to do this, then provide your Business Name, Address, Tel Number and Website ( if you have one )

If you can provide a screenshot of the problem you see, that great too!



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Linda Buquet Top Contributor
November 2015

Great overview. Thanks for sharing your guide Tim!

November 2015
It really helps to see the screenshots, and it's a good guide for someone coming to the community for the first time, especially when someone is being referred from Google+ Help Community on Google+ for asking a question related to their local business page.
Mike M
November 2015

how do u enter business verification code?

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2015

Hi Mike M


In the poscard there is a url for you to go to. Usually something like : google.com/verifymybusiness


Enter the code in the provided box.


If you have any problems, please start a thread so we can help you in the forum

Thomas V
November 2015

I've enabled Google My business as an admin, but can't seem to get to the insights information of Google+.  I get the error that it is not enabled by the administrator.  What am i missing?

Mina O
November 2015

Hi, I still can't ask my question.

"To ask a question, Start a new thread by selecting the large PINK + circle."


This circle is not appearing for me.

can anyone help me?

Linda Buquet Top Contributor
November 2015



I'm guessing the problem is that you are trying to post from the main screen.


1st you need to pick the specific board that relates to your question like "verification" or "enhance your presence" or one of the others. Once inside a board you should see the pink + bottom right.


Please let me know if that solved the issue for you.

Mina O
December 2015

 Hi Linda,


Yes you are right. I was in wrong place.

Thank you for your help.

Grant F
December 2015

My former business partner left, and when his name is searched my address comes up.  I claimed the business and changed to my name.  But still when I search his name my address and name come up on the map.


What do I need to do next or is this his issue?



Tim Capper Top Contributor
December 2015

Please Post your problems / questions in the actual Forum, not on the article explaining how to use the forum :)


Start Here


Choose a relevant section, then post your question