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Another Creative in the Ad Group was Selected Over this One | #AdWordsAnswers



Hi Community,


I’m Anu from the Adwords Team, and today I will be sharing information about one of the most common keyword statuses that you might come across when a keyword doesn’t trigger your ad: “another creative in the ad group was selected over this one.”


Okay, so let’s get started: What does this mean?


Quite often, advertisers confuse this status for an alert about the ads of the campaign. However, the reality is that this has nothing to do with the ads. This status appears in your AdWords account when you are using similar keywords within or across multiple ad groups and campaigns.


Here’s a little more context:


Keywords are triggered based on the search term a person enters when they are searching on Google Search or Search Partner sites and how they match up to the keywords in your account (amongst other factors). The important thing to note here is that for every search query, only one keyword in your account can trigger an ad.


When multiple keywords in your account match the same search term, AdWords has to make a complex decision based on a number of criteria to determine which keyword will trigger the ad. This will be the keyword that the ad impression and potential click are attributed to.


If you want to learn more about how similar keywords match to search terms, check out this Help Center article.


So, what can I do to fix this?


Organizing your account well is the key here. As a best practice, you should always segment your ad groups based on different sets of keywords that are relevant to your business. Avoid using the same keywords across different ad groups.


You can watch this video for more tips on how to structure your account with ad groups.


I hope this solves your questions about this status, but if you still have questions, drop them in the comments section below and we’d be happy to answer them all for you.


Have a good day!



Nauman L
October 2016

Well structured campaigns will not face these issues frequently . You're absolutely right. 

October 2016

Hi Anu,


 Thanks for sharing the valuable information.


 According to you, should we create sepearte campaign for all 3 (Broad, Phrase and Exact) match types for same set of keywords ?
 Also, is it recommandable to use different match types in different Ad-groups but in same campaign ?


Thanks in Advance




Menka D
October 2016

Hi Anu,


Thanks for sharing this information, Generally we use diferent match types in campaign level, so here what you suggest, becuase match type is very important. I have created campaign on the baisis of match type, like BMM and Exact match campaign for same keywords. 


Why Adwords is not able to trigger ad copy of the particular ad geroup only?


Kindly share your views on it

Anu G Google Employee
November 2016

Hi Guys,


Glad that you found this information useful.


I understand that usually people want to use different match types for the same keyword for several reasons - visibility and reach, CPC cost, etc.

It is okay to use them, however I highly recommend you to create different Adgroups for different match types and add other match types as negatives. 


For eg: If you have one keyword as Red Roses, and you want to keep it in BMM, Phrase and Exact

Then you should

1. Create 3 Adgroups, one for each match type

2. Add "Red Roses" and [Red Roses] as negative on BMM Adgroup

3. and Add [Red Roses] in Phrase match Adgroup


This way you can use all the match types and at the same time ensure that these adgroups doesn't not compete with each other.


But please keep in mind that whenever someone searches for something related to Red Roses, only one of the Adgroup will trigger the Ad which will be based on this.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

You can also reach out to our support team for further clarification!







Valeriu V
December 2016

Hi Anu!


Thanks for this information. I was wondering how I best solve the following: 


I have a main "Search" campaign, and a "Call Only" campaign which is targeting a subset location of the "Search campaign". How can I avoid the issue of using similar keywords in both campaigns?



Prowess P
January 2017


Still i am facing this issue. below are my keywords:

Book Publishing companies

Book Publishers in India

best self publishing companies

ebook publishers in india


February 2017

One thing I can't find defined anywhere.  What in the world is a "creative"?  Is a creative another keyword, or another ad, or something else?


CassieH Community Manager
February 2017

@Larrybud A "creative" is just an ad! Image, text, video, etc.