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Adwords won't accept flash banners any more

If you follow Google around you've probably noticed that the company is encouraging the use of HTML5 for a lot of stuff. This can been seen specially after that Google announced that Chrome would not exhibit a lot of flash based content. Chrome browser will continue to ship with Adobe’s Flash Player under the plan revealed by Google, called “HTML5 by Default". The effects of that? Well, we might see some of this on other services like Adwords as well.


Starting from June 30th, Google Adwords won't accept new uploads for banner based on flash, it will only accept uploads of banners based on HTML5. Don't worry, you'll sill be able to use static images like before on PNG, JPG and GIF, and even animated GIF


Notice that this rule on June 30th will apply to every new banner uploaded in the account, meaning that if you try to upload any flash banners after this date, the banner won't be accepted by the system. Advertisers that already have approved flash banners within the account will still be able to use them, but keep an eye for it since from January 2017 forward, Adwords won't accept flash banners at all, even the old ones already in the account.


Google will try to convert the flash banners to HTML5, but I strongly recommend for you not to wait for that to happen and to begin the development on the new banner on HTML5 right away.


Here are some tools that might help you with that: 


Google Swiffy



Google Swiffy is a tool that helps you convert your flash banners to HTML5. It's easy to use and all you need to do is to upload your banner there, and the tool will do the job for you..


Adwords HTML5 Validator



This tool allows you to check if your HTML5 are correctly created and ready for use on Adwords. It's useful because a lot of user when trying to upload HTML5 banner on Adwords receive a generic error message, making it hard to identify what's exactly wrong.


Google Web Designer



It's safe to say that Google Web Designer is some sort of Google Photoshop. The good news is that you can export your banners to HTML5 instantly and ready to go on Adwords. It's a great alternative specially for people who doesn't have development knowledge on HTML5.


Like every other program that we need to learn, if you've never dealt with banner creation before, you'll need to get used to it until you get the basic concepts and ideas, so be patience and keep studying.


You can follow the tool official channel on for further help YouTube:


Rich Media Gallery



This is a fantastic website with more tools from Google regarding HTML5 content. It's kind of repository with fonts, banner formats and ideas and many other things. I strongly recommend this link.


DoubleClick Studio



Visit through out numerous HTML5 models and create your own ads using the database from


Adwords Banner Gallery



Adwords itself have a banner gallery within, so it's pretty useful for pretty much everyone, specially people with not enough time or low budget/low knowledge on banner creation.



It's very important for advertisers to keep track of changes like this and to prevent doing things on the last minute.


You can find more information about this change and the tools above right here:

about Leandro Martinez

Working with Adwords for 9 years and integrating global advertising agencies teams like Denstu Aegis Network and WPP agencies, I'm now Consultant & Coach at Basta1Click in Brazil. I've helped several agencies developing tools, reports, building ppc process and lots of other cool stuff. I'm also Top Contributor at the Portuguese Adwords Community in Brazil and Google Partners Academy Trainer.