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Adwords Important Updates 2013 - Down The Memory Lane


This article is co-authored by @theniks & @Neha Gupta 


During last year AdWords practically reinvented itself in many ways and its practically impossible to cover all the aspects, but we have tried to cover some points which made difference in our management and optimization strategies.


Enhanced Campaign: Oh My Gosh! Enhance Campaign? What? Why? How will my campaign perform with this new account type? No Mobile only campaign? - This was the first reaction of most of the advertisers when updated on Inside AdWords blog. Well after a lot of criticism and appreciation Finally, enhanced campaign fully updated in all accounts Mid 2013. Whether you like it or not, We are now in era of multiple devices for single user and Enhanced Campaigns was first piece of this puzzle. I believe there are many more pieces yet to come and we better be ready for it Smiley Happy. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Enhance Campaign @ Inside AdWords Blog

Enhance Campaign Guide @ AdWords Help Center


Engagement Ads:Yeah there is no need to get on one knee!!!!  This is another precursor of changing times and for everyone to think of AdWords not only as direct response medium. As the name itself suggests this ad format is about engaging user with your brand / product. And because this engagement is always based on user interaction like hover please dont confuse this with pop-up ads. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Engagement Ads for Everyone @ Inside AdWords Blog

Engagement Ads Guide @ AdWords Help Center


New Opportunity Tab: They Say Opportunity knocks only once, but then days of knocking on door are gone and new opportunities tab will definitely ring your doorbell more than once. There was a time not very long back, when opportunities meant only keywords but Google AdWords opportunity tab now intelligent and thinks even about new AdGroups from current keywords and location bid adjustments. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


New Opportunity Tab Announcement @ Inside AdWords Blog

New Opportunity Tab  Details @ AdWords Help Center


Calls As Conversions: This is another piece of puzzle in multiple device era. Come to think of it most users will treat Desktops, Mobiles and Tablets as devices but that’s past. Now its time to think out of the box  - Phones, Gaming consoles and even televisions are connected devices. Phone leads were a blind spot for lead generation campaign but with “Calls as conversions” it has become an lighthouse for campaign managers. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Calls as Conversions @ Inside AdWords Blog

Calls as Conversions Details @ AdWords Help Center


Improving Ad Rank: Advertisers very much aware of the fact that Ad rank is a value which determines the average position where to show ads considering Bid amount and QS. Formula of Adrank = Bid amount multiply QS. This has changed and now, the formula has three components: your Max CPC Bid, your Quality Score, and, as Google puts it, “the expected impact from your ad extensions and formats.”. Now, Google will give importance to the ads which will have relevant ad extensions and formats. Seems like ad extensions are indirectly mandatory Smiley Happy for all AdWords campaigns. Below are useful link to understand better in detail:


Improvement In Ad Rank @ Inside AdWords Blog


Offline Conversions: This is dream come true for campaign managers who represent businesses doing transactions offline (e.g real estate, health and fitness, education sectors). For lead generation campaigns quality of leads was always a subject of debate and in most of the cases it was impossible to attribute revenue to AdWords for these campaigns. But with Offline conversions everything changes now you not only can attribute conversions which happen offline but also attribute revenue from these conversions to AdWords. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Offline Conversions @ Inside AdWords Blog

Offline Conversion Details @ AdWords Help Center


Google Keyword / Display Planner: Now we understand a lot of SEO guys are not happy with this update to put things mildly. But to if one looks at this pragmatically although these tools were used by SEO guys in the past the old keyword tool was not meant for that purpose. This tool has been enhanced from previous keyword tool to suit needs of CPC advertising while adding numerous new features. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Google Display Planner @ Inside AdWords Blog

Google Keyword Planner @ Inside AdWords Blog


MCC level conversion tracking: Another piece in puzzle of attribution modelling. This feature is especially useful for companies which have different AdWords accounts for different category products / themes. This is a great way to measure impact of different themes on each other (e.g. Non Brand exposure leading to conversion from Brand). Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


MCC Level Conversion Tracking @ Inside AdWords Blog

MCC Level Conversion Tracking @ AdWords Help Center


Bulk Upload: This is a improvement with AdWords which allows advertisers to save tons of time. We are living in 21st century and in this era Time and Money is equally important. With bulk uploading feature you can download editable reports - make changes to spreadsheets - upload it online. Changes can be made to keywords, adgroups and ads in the AdWords account. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Bulk Upload @ Inside AdWords Blog

Bulk Upload Details @ AdWords Help Center


RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads): This release has taken remarketing to next level by combining historical and current intent of user with audience list and keywords. Traditionally remarketing was only available on display network but with release of RLSA now advertisers can target their remarketing lists even on search network. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Remarketing For Search Ads @ Inside AdWords Blog

Remarketing Lists For Search Ads @ Google Help Center


Comparison Report: This is an amazing feature and we are very happy about this functionality. Earlier we need to use formulas in spreadsheets to find out the comparison in %. Advertisers frequently need reports on the comparison of past with current and whenever we make changes. With the help of this report you can directly see the comparison in AdWords dashboard and can also download the report. Below are useful links to understand better in detail:


Compare Performance @ Inside AdWords Blog

Compare Performance @ Google Help Center


Above are some updates by AdWords team! We have not mentioned all the updates rather we chose to add most common, mandatory, important and popular ones. List is too long that its hard to mention all in one article. If there’s any important update that we missed and you would like us to add in the article, please comment below.


Share your opinions, ask questions!


Resources: Inside AdWords Blog & AdWords Help Center.


This article is co-authored by @theniks & @Neha Gupta 


about Nikhil Parachure

Digital Marketing / Web & App Analytics expert with experience ranging from small businesses to very large portals. Across varied verticals like banking, travel, ecommerce, insurance. Google Adwords top contributor since 2013 and currently working with a leading Indian ecommerce portal. Aspiring writer, wants to be lighter!

pankaj1782 Top Contributor
January 2014 - last edited January 2014 theniks

Hi guys,


Nice compilation of the features introduced last year Smiley Happy.


Just like to add about Estimated Total Conversions which were launched in the month of October last year. That is also a great feature to get an estimate of how much projected conversions we can get.


Estimated Total Conversions @ Inside Adwords Blog

Estimated Total Conversions @ Adwords Help Center



Neha Gupta Top Contributor
January 2014

Hey Pankaj,


Thanks! We will update article shortly! Smiley Happy


- Neha

January 2014

Hey, its nice. 2013 was quite revolutionay for Google AdWords. Many changes have been made.

Bethany B
January 2014

I feel like of the last 4 years I've been working with AdWords, 2013 definitely saw the most changes. There was a 4-week period where I was teaching an AW class every week and there was something new in the interface each time! I'm very excited about all of the advancements though, my favorite being offline conversion tracking, and can't wait to see what happens in 2014.