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Adwords Editor: Tips and Tricks

Hi Guys,

The idea behind this video is to help new AdWords advertisers familiarise themselves with the AdWords Editor interface and to help experienced AdWords professionals working on Editor to carry out day-to-day tasks more efficiently, thus giving them more time to work on other aspects of their accounts like strategy and optimization.


One thing that I always say to my team is--if you spend too much time doing a particular task across more than one account, there is definitely a better way of doing it! Please post any comments or queries you have and I will try and help out if I can!


If you have anymore tips and tricks that I may not have covered here, please post them in the comments section so that everyone can learn!


I would like to thank @CassieH & @KathleenG for giving me this opportunity. 
Finally, special thanks & shoutout to Shweta @ShroffS for all the help on the video. 😁


about Shashank Singh

Marketing & Management Major from Bradford University, UK. Worked initially in the offline marketing space for 2.5 years and then moved into the Digital. I have been working with SMG Convonix (India), now known as Performics.Convonix since early 2012, currently a Business Manager leading a team of 10 people. I am always looking for challenges on the community, eager to help & share the knowledge I have accumulated in my years in the industry.

Habib S
May 2016

Thank you, very helpful


ShashankSingh Rising Star
May 2016

You are welcome @Habib S. Glad I could help out!



May 2016

Hi, I want to be an Google Adwords Expert. Can anyone help me. I will be highly thankful to you.