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Adwords Ad Rotation Settings

Short Summary:-


I find ad rotation settings very interesting in the sense that they actually give you 3 dimensions to test your ads. Personally my clients have gained good results when I used optimize for conversions after rotate evenly settings because it’s a good way to first identify right set of high performing ads and then let Adwords show high converting ads most of the times in order to yield higher conversions. Cheers to Adwords!


What is Ad Rotation?


Ad rotation is the settings of your Google ads as to how you want them to be displayed in front of the users online. There are 3 different ad rotation settings available which can be used to get the maximum benefit of online advertising namely Optimize for clicks, Optimize for conversions and rotate evenly. Advertisers can use the specific settings depending upon what exactly matches their requirements like branding, high conversions etc...


Why use Ad Rotation?


Ad Rotation settings are typically meant for the advertisers of different segments.


Optimize for Clicks:- This is the default option which Adwords set it for its users so as to make sure that only those set of ads are shown in the auction process which deliver higher clicks than that of others. My understanding says that this setting is important to gather momentum for the Adwords campaign. However, talking in terms of real business i.e. Return on Investment (ROI), there might be conflicting results if you choose this option. I personally don’t get into this option and shifts to Rotate option in the beginning and then include different combinations of ads for testing.



Optimize for Clicks



Optimize for Conversions is one of the best option to choose from if your ultimate goal is Conversion. I think that before using it there should be enough data available in your AdWords account so that when AdWords system see this set of settings under your campaigns, it is able to deliver right set of ads under the auction process, which finally prove worth for you. Because in case Adwords doesn't find much of conversions data, it will show the ads by default settings i.e. "Optimize for Clicks", which you may or may not be looking for.


Optimize for Conversions


I prefer using Optimize for Conversions after gathering fair amount of data and fair number of converting ads, so that when Adwords see my this setting options, most of the times only converting ads are shown to the user. 

Rotate Evenly:
 This is like a much balanced equilibrium wherein AdWords will show ads evenly during the full day. I think that this setting is a much data driven strategy to begin with when you start your new campaign. As I said earlier, I use this option generally to begin with so that after sometime, I can evaluate which set of ads work and which not. With some recent changes in this particular setting, I think time period of 90 days is enough to decide which ad is performing well and which is under performing.


Rotate evenly

Personally, I have not seen much improvement for my clients if I choose Optimize for Clicks (talking in terms of ROI). So I used Rotate settings for quite sometime and later shift the gears to Optimize for Conversions. It has proven excellent for my clients especially who are into services like network consultation, cosmetic surgeries etc...



Tips on using Ad Rotation


  • First set the settings to rotate and then later shift to optimize for conversions. It will not only help you in identifying higher performing ad but later assist in improved conversions.


  • For brand awareness, you can go for the default option i.e. optimize for clicks, because your ultimate goal is number of hits on the website.


  • It’s not always that Optimize for conversions is going to work for you. Rotate settings will surely take you into the more data driven situation wherein you can easily figure out what kind of content works for your users and what not. There is no harm in using this setting for longer time according to my experience.




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Jason Zhang
June 2016

Hi Pankaj,


Thanks for the post.


Which one is used to A/B testing for ad copy? Why it's only available in campaign level but not ad group level as I would like to test one of my ad group only.