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Advanced Verification for Businesses

To help reduce fraud and improve the overall experience for you and your customers, Google is now asking businesses to pass an advanced verification process.


Current Trial Only in San Diego


About Advanced Verification:

Google wants to provide useful and comprehensive local listings to people when they search for businesses. Unfortunately, we’ve identified a number of fraudulent local service businesses, including locksmiths and plumbers, who use false identities on Google.


To help reduce fraud and improve the overall experience for you and your customers, we’re now asking businesses to pass an advanced verification process. The process is simple—answer a few questions about your business and complete an application with Google’s third-party verification company.


Currently Only for NoN Store Front Businesses (SAB)


Advanced Verification FAQs


How will Pinkerton use my information?

Any information provided to Pinkerton, a third-party provider of corporate risk management services, is strictly confidential and solely for the purposes of advanced verification. Learn more about Google's advanced verification policies


Will this impact my web search ranking?

No. This only impacts whether businesses without storefronts show up in local results on Google Maps and theKnowledge PanelLearn more about local search ranking


What if I don’t pass advanced verification?

If your business doesn’t have a storefront and you don't pass advanced verification, your business listing won't be eligible to appear on Google Maps or the Knowledge Panel. This will not affect your web search ranking on Google.


Advanced Verification Help Documents

View the Current Advanced Verification Application


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Tim Capper operates a bespoke Local SEO and Google Business consultancy in the UK, Online Ownership. As an experienced SEO consultant, Tim takes an honest, straightforward approach to helping your business stand out online .

Jason S
November 2016

Hi Tim

Question - I have a Locksmith listing in SD which is in the advance verification process. On October 27 I got a massage form the adword team saying they would like to have a video chat with me in November 1 or November 2.   The thing is , I only saw their massage  yesterday . what is the best way to act to now, so I can complete the process?



Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi Jason


You should have specific email / support oprions in your original emails about Advanced Verification.


If you cant locate then try : advancedverification@google.com



Brad S
November 2016


We have 2 Listings (2 addresses) for our plumbing company under google my business account in San Diego. Do we need to do advanced verification for both listings or would just the main listing suffice, because we have multiple locations)

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi Brad


I believe it would be for both locatations

Paul M
November 2016

This does NOT seem like a good idea for businesses in any of the free states;

Let's take my business in Kansas as an example:


- neither the state of kansas, nor riley county, nor the city of Manhattan require locksmiths to be licensed

- the kansas secretary of state's office does not register sole proprietorships, which is what my business is

- businesses in kansas are not required to carry insurance; I do now, but I didn't for the first 10 months in business


How does someone like me pass the advanced verification?

Would my retailer's sales tax registration certificate be acceptible?


Also: How is one supposed to ever get started in the industry without a google listing?


Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi Paul


Please keep in mind that this is only a Beta Test at the moment within 1 area at the moment.


If this was to roll out to Kansas for example, this would be modified to suite each particular state.





Brent R
November 2016

@Tim Capper


Hi Tim,


I have a plumber client in San Diego and our ads were disapproved yesterday; the client said they completed the survey within the necessary time frame. 


How do we know if we:

1) Passed

2) Failed

3) If we've failed, will we be given a reason as to why?


We've tried reaching out to the phone number on the opening page of the Pinkerton survey - the first person representative passed our call to another representative, then the second representative sent us to a voicemail. 


Please advise.

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi @Brent R


I will reach out and see if I can get some specifics on your  3 points.


In the mean time this email can be used for queries: advancedverification@google.com



daniel d
November 2016

I am a small business owner and I only do my service at customers homes, and i work from My home, is that the only way to verify my business with mail to my familys personal  home?

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2016

Hi @daniel d


Yes that is correct. However you should mark the business as a serviced area business.


Underneath the address section, you must tick : "I serve customers at their location"

This will then hide your full address and only leave city and state visible.