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Ads with Slashed Prices | #AdWordsAnswers


Hi Community!

I’m Shivangi from the AdWords Team, and today I want to take you through a scenario that may help you understand a bit more about a great feature in AdWords: ads with slashed prices on the Google Display Network.

It’s 10:00 AM on Monday at the weekly advertising performance meeting, and your manager, Mr. Sharma, shows everyone a Google ad which displays slashed product prices.


After sharing the ad with your team, Mr. Sharma says that you must have such ads for your organization. Before you’ve even understood the feature, you are given the task of creating these ads!


There you are, searching Google, the AdWords Help Center, and a few blogs for information about creating ads with slashed prices. Upon doing a bit of research, you gather that these are dynamic remarketing ads in a specific format.


Now let’s address some questions you may have, and get you prepared for your next meeting!


Does this ad format come with an additional charge?

No, this customized dynamic remarketing ad is free to set up, and you’ll be charged per-click as you normally would be for an AdWords campaign.


How do I set this up in my account?
In order to create such ads, you will need to set up a business data feed which contains the product prices and discounted sale prices of the products. This feed can be created in the Shared Library using the “Business Data” option:


Business data.png

As you are creating this business data feed to show dynamic ads, you must select the Dynamic display ad feed option and select “Custom” as the subtype:

Business data 2.png


There is a custom feed template provided in the interface to make things simpler for you.

How can I associate this feed with my ads?

You will be required to create a Remarketing campaign (make sure you have the tag set up on your website), and you will associate this feed with the campaign under the “Dynamic Ad Settings” section. In the dynamic ad settings, select and associate the business feed from the available drop down. Now you are all set to move to the creation of your ads.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.43.05 PM.png

How do you create ads for this campaign?
The ads must be set up in a particular format in order to run this type of promotion. This format can be found under the Ad Gallery. The Ad Gallery will show you a number of  "Dynamic Ad" options, out of which you need to select the "Custom Image Ad" option.


Select the first layout option, "Let AdWords automatically pick from your preferred layouts," and then select "Your preferred layouts.”


You will see a number of layouts available. Since we want to have a template that shows slashed prices, we will exclude all other available templates and click Apply.



The rest is just about putting in the required information, like the headline, content, and image. You are now ready for the next advertising performance meeting!


Please feel free to drop a line in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer any follow-up questions.

October 2016
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