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Address Questions with Questions

This year I took on a project which involved restructuring some fairly large AdWords accounts. While doing this, I noticed that there was a significant number of question-related keywords including the likes of “how,” “where,” “what is,” etc; a fair amount of them had been getting good results in terms of conversions.


We all know that relevance is a key component in AdWords, so it made sense to me to address these questions directly as part of the ad text. I will share just a few quick examples of how this could be done by essentially empathising with the intent of the potential customer:


If someone is searching for “where” then you could use “Looking for ___?”

If someone is searching for “how” then you could use “Learning to ___?”

If someone is searching for “what is” then you could use “Interested in ___?”


By including these sorts of questions in our ad text, we can quickly capture the attention of the searcher and hopefully lead them onto completing a conversion. While I won’t promote this tip as a "sure-win," I would recommend considering some split test experiments if you also use question-themed keywords.

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I have been managing AdWords accounts for over 8 years now at an international marketing agency level and also as a freelancer. I am very passionate about Google's PPC platform and pretty much anything else that is Google related. My theory in life is to learn something new every day and this community is definitely a good place to do so; I would recommend anyone reading this to stick around as it's an excellent source of information with great people contributing to it.

David B
August 2016

If an advertisement starts with "Looking for...?", how does it end? In other words, what is a good punchline and what is the connector (such as 'then')? 


Would it it be something like:


"...then try WonderWoof for dogs, now with 4 ounces of woofiness."


ScottyD Top Contributor
August 2016

@David B, it's more of an open-ended question but I personally think your example response is a good (and amusing) one. Usually it would be include both a question and answer within a standard text ad but the new expanded text ads are easier to work with.