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Adding Holiday & Special Hours to Google Business Page ( desktop )

Trying to find out how to add Holiday & Special Hours to your Local Google Business page but cant. Thats because you cant access this feature via the main Business Details, we need to do it via your Business Dashboard.


For Mobile users you can find it via the Google My Business App and for large business users, you need to manage via bulk upload spread sheet, for these view this article on Holiday & Special Hours



Special Hours for Local Business Pages


You have probably already realized that the Holiday & Special Hours cannot be located in your Business Details.


Holiday and Special Hours.pngHoliday Hours Business Dashboard

Whilst logged in, go to : https://business.google.com/manage/


Then switch to list view


Business Dashboard List View.jpg


Select your business in the list


Google business page list view.jpg


Scroll down the business details ( Ignore the store code that's missing ) and below your regular business hours, you will see Special Hours.


Google business page holiday special hours.jpg


Add your special hours and save.



You have to have your normal business hours set in order to add special hours

You can set dates up to 12 months in advance.


If you prefer to see it in action, check out the youtube clip




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November 2015

 Hi Tim, 


This video was definitely helpful. I was almost banging my head to the wall as I could not locate that special hours section. One wonders however why it's not there by default even when you start from card view. 


One more thing (a bit off-topic): there's a "star" (rating?) at the top of the post. It only shows a single star for rating. Am I correct to believe it's rather a "thumb up" or "+1" sort of system than down rating your post with a one-star rating?

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2015

Hi Gaieus


Glad you found the vid helpful. Our thoughts exactly, but mobile and big business is the priority and then small local gets the trickle down. So it will get there eventually ( he says ).


I believe the star is like a +1 




November 2015

Excellent, thanks again! (Christmas and New Year are coming around the corner...)

Negara Tbk P
November 2015


Ditza I
November 2015


Finally! Was looking all over for this info.

Thank you!

As long as I have your attention...

Want you to know that I'm probably 5 times more technically inclined than most small business owners and I have such a hard time.  Google has made it a bit complicated with google business, google local, google plus, google places, it's so much!  And there's only so much time a business owner can dedicate to these things.

Would be nice for a "special hours" button in the area of the page manager that lets you edit the regular hours.

Anyway, I got it done now, thanks to this post.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tim Capper Top Contributor
November 2015

Hi Ditza


Awesome to hear you found it useful.


Happy Holidays !

Jay W
November 2015

ERRROOORRR it doesnt work

I have spent 15 hours working on this...the bulk upload doesnt work


I keep getting an error message that says one of the stores is missing a store code, but nothing is missing

January 2016

Hi Tim,


Hoping you can help.  My business is seasonal-- Closed October through till beginning of May, and then varying hours throughout the spring/summer/fall seasons.  Currently, google is stating my business is "permenantly closed" as we have no current hours.  I tried putting in special hours, but it requires regular hours (which we aren't currently open).  Any suggestions for a seasonal business?



Tim Capper Top Contributor
January 2016



Yes you do need to have normal hours added to be able to add special hours.


And you can only have the business listed closed for 3 months in total days.


So I would suggest adding upcoming spring hours >> as set hours.

Change in summer and again in autumn


Then you can add in your closed dates as special hours, from now up until May.


Then in Nov add special hours as closed for Nov, Dec, Jan


Then in January, remove the special hours closed for Nov, Dec which will allow you to add closed for Feb, March then repeat until you open again in May.


So, yes its quite convoluted but when you break this down there wont be that many changes.



Radica R
February 2016

These "normal" business opening hours you are forced to input in order to complete your business page profile on G+ are ridiculous!!!

What if your business is not a "brick and mortar" type operation but a services, consultation type business.

How about adding the option "by appointment only" Google Plus team...