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Add sitelinks to your ads and get people to specific pages on your site




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Overview of sitelinks 


Sitelinks are additional links beneath your ad that enable people to go to specific pages on your website. You can therefore display several options within one ad.


This is particularly useful when the keyword you are targeting can relate to several products, services or themes.


You can have up to 20 sitelinks within one campaign, they can be applied at the Campaign or AdGroup level. You have 25 characters to create the sitelink and, based on the search term, AdWords will choose up to four of the most relevant sitelinks to show with your ad. Sitelinks will only show when your ad achieves a top 3 position.

How do I/my clients use sitelinks?


Ahmad: “We use sitelinks to show different categories of products and services and different product types. We can also show a direct link to contact details on a website. Sitelinks can also be used to promote sales, offers and other benefits available. For example, if you are selling flights abroad then you can show additional sitelinks to hotels, car hire and local entertainment.”


Why do I think sitelinks are helpful? 


Sitelinks enable you to occupy more real estate on the search page, provide more relevant information, provide more options for the person searching and enhance the appearance of the ad. It can add a more professional look to the ad which in turn can encourage better click through rates and therefore conversions.

How did sitelinks help me/my client be more successful with AdWords? 


Text ads are limited in terms of the characters you can use so having the benefit of more text to fully communicate your product or service.


Sitelinks enabled our ads to gain more clicks and a better click through rate without incurring any extra cost through having to create more campaigns or target more keywords. Our client was able to offer a greater selection of landing page options by implementing these sitelinks.

A campaign which targeted a small audience needed to get more clicks. Adding keywords was not an option. Sitelinks were added and these increased the amount of clicks that were gained from the limited audience.

Shafi Ahamed
August 2014

Hi Agata B,


Recently Google has introduced Dynamic Sitelinks. I have come across a good stats about adding sitelinks to the ad. Want to share this here :


Ads without sitelinks receives expected CTR of 6% but when the sitelinks extensions is enabled receives 10% increased clicks on Ad Headlines, which comes around 6.6%. 


Good news is clicks on Dynamis Sitelinks is free Smiley Happy



Shafi Ahamed