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Add new keywords to get your ads in front of more potential



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Kristine Mills      Shanee Kirk  Brianne Boysen  Dave Miglin  Brian Valentini


Overview of adding new keywords


Adding new keywords is so important to growing and scaling a PPC campaign.  We can do this in many ways. Adding keyword to maximize budgets, keep campaigns fresh and non-stagnant, and grow and evolve.  Reporting, research and search query reports are all great tools for the process.  Always remember to track your efforts tie any of your changes to ROI!


How do I/my clients use new keywords to get ads in front of more potential?


Dave:  “It’s so important to use new keywords to maximize the reach and the budget for the clients.  We like to maximize our keyword positions and then A/B test all of the keywords for the best performance -- Looking at ratios for CPC and CPAs.  As we A/B test, we eliminate the lower performing keywords and then continue to add new test variations.”


Brian:  “Creating an efficient campaign is also important for winning client sales and gaining trust.  A/B testing, as Dave mentioned, will allow us to cull the campaign and give favor to the best keywords -- All while continuing to test new keywords.”


Why do I think adding new keywords can be helpful?


Kristine: “Adding keywords in a thoughtful manner helps to build a cohesive account structure.  You can create multiple, tightly-themed ad groups for each product and/or service that the client provides.  Each ad group can then lead to targeted ad copy.  This will help attract the most relevant visitors and give the most likely chance of a high conversion rate.”


Shanee: “In addition, to that.  Some clients have seasonality.  We can research new services for the winter and summer seasons, creating short campaign promotions and campaign bursts to help reach a new audience.”


Bri: “Also, clients are often wanting to test the waters for a new service offering.  Adding keywords to a campaign in a targeted ad group can quickly show the client if expanding into a new territory or service area will be effective and profitable.”


How improved keywords lists can help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


Brian:  “Improving and evolving your keyword list is essential to long-term success.  You can utilize the very important (and sometimes ignored) search query reports to find a gold mine of new keyword opportunities.  This can lead to the discovery of new long tail keywords, or prompt the usage of additional match types to current successful keywords.”


Bri:  “Yes, Brian. The keyword list evolution is important.  You can’t allow your keywords to become stale and stagnant.  The “set it and forget it” mentality is a sure way to blow it with a PPC campaign!”


Kristine: “Absolutely!  And remember to add negative keywords when you are looking through those reports.  Negative keywords are just as important as positive keywords.”


Shanee: “One more thought, the way users search continues to evolve over time.  It’s great to use those search query reports to discover new trends in search syntax.”


Neha Gupta Top Contributor
November 2014

Nice Article! 

ShashankSingh Rising Star
December 2014

A very helpful article for all of us.



Mini-CM Community Manager
December 2014 - last edited December 2014

Thank you for posting this Agata.


Kudos to Kristine Mills Shanee KirkBrianne BoysenDave Miglin and Brian Valentini for putting their thoughts together in an interactive format. 

Mahbubur R
December 2014
Great.. thanks for helpful advice..
January 2015

great article!

Muhammed Yousuf
January 2015

It is an Informative and encouraging article for newcomer like me.


Thanks to the seniors

January 2015

One should not add keywords just for the sake of adding keywords.  Getting more impressions and clicks is not always a good thing, when people are clicking on your ad that don't have any relevance to what you're selling.  In that case, it's just wasted budget.