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Add call extensions and get phone calls directly from your ads



    Shweta Shroff       Jack Porter-Smith       Scott Dunroe     


Overview of call extensions


Call extensions allow consumers to connect with business’ by calling directly from phone numbers shown in Google search results. In summary a lot of time and effort is saved which in turn provides a better experience for the end client and therefore increases the chance of a conversion.


How do I/my clients use call extensions?


We find that our clients generally will use Call Extensions on both mobile devices and desktops.


Ad scheduling is used in order to ensure that calls are only received during business hours so as to avoid negative customer experiences. Call Conversion targets are also set (a call over 60 seconds, for example) to distinguish between real solid leads and fruitless calls.


When you use call tracking software you are able to track it back to the exact campaign, keywords and ads in order to optimize it in the future. When you don’t use it, however you can use a dedicated number / proxy as an alternative option to track the campaign performance.

Why do I think call extensions are helpful?


Generally it is easier for a human to close a deal over a phone rather than relying on a simple ad or landing page, mainly as questions or queries can quickly be addressed.


Mobile users would rather make a call in one simple, quick rather than have to navigate a website or fill in a form, especially when on the move or in an environment where inputting details might be tricky or risky.


75% of B2B leads come from call so it’s very important to tap into that market.


50%+ of Google searches come from mobile devices, but only 30% of Google clicks come from mobile devices. This shows that a huge number of people are calling companies directly from the search results, and not even clicking thru to websites. Therefore call extensions are critical.

How did call extensions help me/my client be more successful with AdWords?


Research was performed over a time period to analyze how clients would react to a time lag after filling in a form to receive a call back. After waiting three minutes it was found that the conversion rate would drop off so the addition of Call Extensions meant that the instant response greatly improved the chances of a conversion.


Lead quality was almost double for a BFSI client on mobile calls (90% interested leads) over lead form fills (40% interested leads).


In the waste oil industry the clients are generally in an atmosphere which is always on the move so they would rather make a quick call than have to navigate a website, they simply don’t have the time for it in an industry where time really does equal money.

For B2B business where negotiations are needed to close a deal, it’s better to speak with a human than filling in a form and waiting for a call back. Also, it is difficult to showcase the different types of customization that can be done on a landing page.

LouAnne M
November 2014

Why does mc call extension show on some keyword searches and not others?