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adnan m
March 2016
Very nice
Tajuddin S

my about has post on google


{{Orphan|date=December 2017}}

{{lowercase title}}
{{Use mdy dates|date=December 2017}}
{{Infobox YouTube personality
| name              = MD Monir
| image             = YouTuber Monir 2015.png
| caption           = YouTuber Monir in March 2015
| channel_name      = TechnicalS

| views             = 499,712 (Technical Support)<br>1,078 (DhakaiYa Pola)<br>1,563 (MD Monir Munshi)<br>502,353 ('''total''')<!--Note: We use condensed values per MOS:LARGENUM (ex: 3,612,000, not 3,612,241)-->
| view_date         = as of December 04, 2017
| birth_name        = MD Monir
| birth_date        = {{Birth date and age|mf=yes|1993|12|24}}
| birth_place       = [[Muksudpur Upazila]], [[Gopalganj]], [[Bangladesh]]
| nationality       = [[Bangladesh]]i
| religion          =[[Islam]]
| residence         = [[Dhaka City]] [[Bangladesh]]
| website           = {{URL|http://WWW.MonirTalks.ml}}
| pseudonym         = YouTuber Monir
| years_active      = 2015–present
| genre             = {{Flatlist|
* [[Music video|Music Video]]
* [[Film criticism|Movie Review]]
* [[Technology]]
| subscribers       = 615 + (Technical Support)
| subscriber_date   = as of December 2017
| stats_update      = <!-- date at which given channel statistics are correct -->
| silver_button     = no
| gold_button       = no

'''YouTuber Monir''' born December 24, 1993) is an Bangladesh, is a [[Bangladesh]]i [[Model]], [[Singer]], and [[YouTuber]] known for his [[Drama]] and [[Technology|Tech]] videos since 2015.

Since May 2015, his YouTube channel ''Technical Support'' became the most subscribed and views in United States. His channel currently has over 555 subscribers and 500,351 views.<ref>[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn6agvM_uT9Yt-tqfyd457g Technical Support - YouTube]</ref>

==Early life==
MD Monir was born in [[Muksudpur Upazila|Muksudpur]], but grew up in [[Dhaka|Dhaka City]]. AAt the age of twenty one he decided that he wanted to make videos for YouTube. He tried several times to get his channel recognized, but it was not successful. However, shortly thereafter he returned to producing videos for the channel, and the videos began to receive more views, it was when he launched the parody ''Technical Support'' in 2016, Technical Support opened the channel in which it has more than 555 subscribers 502,353 Total views.

== Career ==
=== 2015-present: YouTube Technical Videos - YouTube ===
The channel currently has over 555 subscribers, over 500,351 views, and more than 23 videos,<ref>{{Cite web|url =https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCn6agvM_uT9Yt-tqfyd457g|title=YouTube Channels List - My by Subscribers|publisher= socialblade.com|access-date= 4 December 2017}}</ref>

The channel hit 555 subscribers on December 4, 2017,<ref>{{Cite web|title=  YouTuber Monir  comemora 10 milhões de inscritos com mega festa e convidados famosos! |URL =https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn6agvM_uT9Yt-tqfyd457g/about|youtube= Purebreak|access-date= 3 August 2016|language= pt-BR}}</ref> making it became the subscribed channel in United States, behind only to [[Technical Support]],<ref>


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Nicholas V



Nicholas V

I take film serious more than any because its my career