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Add Special Hours to Local Business Page ( desktop )

Follow this quick and easy guide on how to add special hours to your Local Business Page.




If you prefer to follow in a guide : Adding Holiday & Special Hours

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dan p
January 2016

Is there a way to post "Hours By Appointment Only"

Tim Capper Top Contributor
January 2016


Specify that in business description and website

Connie K
February 2016


I have a client that runs a automotive service center with traditional hours (Monday - Saturday 9-5) but also offers emergency towing 24/7 365 days per year.  Could you share a work around to display both.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Private A

Tim, thank you for your video. I have a bit of a different problem. We are a seasonal company and when I try to edit the days of the week to close, it won't let me. Do you have any suggestions?


Thank you,


Tim Capper Top Contributor

Hi @Private A


Are you trying to mark the permanent hours as closed or the special hours.


A very descriptive video, thank you.

I have people showing up thinking we are open in APRIL!!!   We are seasonal- we are only open June thru October-- how to I describe this in my hours editting??  I have tried- the only thing I know to do is list it as closed....but people will think we are out of business!!


Hi , @Idle- Hour Ranch -


I guess you can just do this manually. You can choose to turn off the watches every few months and turn them on for months.
You can also set this on the opening page.

Tim Capper Top Contributor

Hi @Idle- Hour Ranch -


You can only set a certain of months in advance, but you will need to mark each and every day closed.


In your case it may be worthwhile leaving your set hours empty, then fill in nearer the time.


Patrick S
Thanks for the information. Also a question of this maybe possible now this days. Still a question about this; we have regular openings hours. But for Emergencies the people must have contact in evening. (veterinarian business) How can you show this with the openings hours? Hope you can help with this? Thanks in regards.