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Add Callout Extension - Must have Extension!

Google keep introducing new features time to time to bring better results for Advertisers and better experience for users. One of the most important feature - Callout Extension has been rolled out on September 2014.


Callout Extension allows the advertisers to add additional text that shows with Google search ads. Now, Callout offers you to show specific information about your products and services to potential customer with your Search ads.


,Callout Extension


Callout Extensions is a simple but powerful way to highlight value-added attributes and unique selling prepositions about your brand, product or service by showing them along with Google Search text ads and helps to increase CTR. It can be shown with other format of Ad Extension e.g. Review, Rating and Sitelink.


Difference between Sitelink and Callout Ad Extension:-


  1. Callout Extension allows to highlight product features with Search text ads, whereas Sitelink allows to send traffic on different link of your website.
  2. Callout extension is good option; when advertisers want to show more convincing text ads without distracting traffic from main ad link. But Sitelink Extension is good, when advertisers want to give users multiple options for interacting with the websites.
  3. Examples of Sitelink and Callout Extension:-

Difference between callout & sitelink


Requirements or Policies for Callout Extension:-


  1. Keep your USP’s as short and specific as possible,
  2. Like SiteLink, there is a 25 character limit for each Callout, but using 12-15 characters is ideal, because AdWords can show more Callouts with text ads.
  3. Your Callout extension must have family safe; otherwise they will not be approved.
  4. Duplication of Callout Extensions are not allowed.
  5. Using same text in Adcopy text, Sitelinks and Callout are not allowed. Create a unique text for Callout.
  6. Exclamation mark, punctuation, special symbol etc. are not allowed to use in Callouts.
  7. Keyword Insertion is not allowed in Callout.
  8. If using trademark term in Callout it must adhere trademark policy.

How to create a Callout Extensions:-


You can create Callout extensions at Account Level, Campaign Level and AdGroup Level. Here are the quick easy steps:

Select your Campaign > Go to Ad Extensions Tab > Select Callout Extensions from View drop down > + Extension


How to create Callout Extensions




Granularity Level of Callout Extension: - Advertisers can choose to create Callout Extensions at either the account, campaign or ad group level. However, AdWords gives more preference at most granular Callout Extension. Callout Extensions at the ad group level will override those at the campaign level; campaign will override the account level.


Summary:- Like other Ad Extension, benefit of using the Callout extension helps advertisers to improve Ad Rank and Improve CTR. Callout extension is intended to highlight the unique selling proposition whereas Sitelink displays multiple web pages with your ads so that visitor can choose the way they want to interact with your ads.

For more Information- Visit help center article.

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Gérald M
May 2016

I agree with the fact that the callout extension is a very interesting feature, but we shall also keep in mind the fact that being more visible can lead to more useless clicks. As far as I am concerned, I use this feature, but this feature should be used carefully. 

Bharat K
August 2017

its realy great step callout extension and everyone use feel free.